How many gallons/how large of a tank is good to keep 1 African Dwarf frog, 6 neon tetras, 2 platinum guppies, 1 small betta, & 2 zebras? Despite their sluggish nature, these are usually rich in oxygen. you read and agreed to the, How to tell if your goldfish is male or female, How to tell if an angelfish is male or female, Artifically raising Batch #2 (blue jewel female and red jewel male), Tips for separating male and female guppies, I need help figuring out if my glofish are male or female. The Jewel cichlid (scientific name: Hemichromis bimaculatus) is a popular fish in the cichlid family. I'm sorry! What do you guys think? Female Jewel fish are smaller & less colorful than Males. The female will lay the eggs on a flat surface. These fish originate from west Africa primarily but can be found a bit further east as well. The problem with this as a guide is that the biggest most colorful females may be bigger and more colorful than the least colorful and smallest of the males. I really don't know how to tell a difference because she/he's my only one. The subtle differences being females are rounder and slightly smaller than males. I have 5 african cichlids in a 30 gallon tank. Red Zebra Male Female Red Zebra Cichlid 103112. Size: 1.0"-2.0" Hemichromis is a genus of fishes from the cichlid family, known in the aquarium trade as jewel cichlids.Jewel cichlids are native to Africa.Within West Africa, Hemichromisspecies are found in creeks, streams, rivers and lakes with a variety of water qualities including brackish water lagoons.. My one cichlid used to be blue and black but over the course of the last I’d say about 2 months he’s gotten more and more pale in color. The Jewel Fish, is an open water spawner, meaning it’s looking for a place to dig holes for spawning. 14-18, 85-92. The female will protect her eggs and will kill anything that comes in close proximity. or Best Offer +$55.00 shipping. I'm just waiting for the day that I find her or him floating at the top of the tank. More brightly colored ones are usually male, you could also look at the fins male anal and dorsal fins are sharper while females are more rounded. Trio 1 Male 2 Female 15 25 Zebra Obliquiden Cichlids Ebay. Share. Bimaculatusare diggers however, so all plants will need to be very strong rooted or potted. It is better to purchase a group of 6+ youngsters and allow a natural pair to … It also develops a metallic blue color on the lower half of its face. $9.99. Once the eggs hatch, the parents might move the fry to another, safer location until they become free-swimming. Get the best deals for red devil cichlid at Jewel cichlids make excellent parents – typically the male and female share the task of caring for their young once they have hatched. Often it's easiest to pull out the others and leave the pair. 2 filters, plenty of air movement too. Females maintain the dull grey/brown color and show a little hint of red on their belly and dorsal fin. Sexing is in the Hemichromisfamily is very hard. The Red Diamond Jewel is a Cichlid from West Africa unlike most of the African Cichlids, whose ancestors lived in the Great Lakes in East Africa. The male German Red Peacock develops a bright red color as it matures, which covers most of it's body. One last thought/question. There is no easier or definite way to determine the sex of this fish without killing it. They are also, to the chagrin of many aquarists, extremely belligerent. The problem is finding a pair that will not kill one another. It inhabits still and slow-moving creeks and tributaries. Still, he really needs a female to get turned on. The male is even more jeweled than the female, particularly in the regions of the gill-plates, the flanks, and the tail fin. Unlike with tetras or other shoaling fish, cichlids and especially the jewelfish should always be purchased as a pair. Breeding female cichlids often carry developing fry in their mouth for protection, and will readily harbor their young any time danger is present. As for the tetra's, they'll work out for the most part - Jewels will only show regular aggression to competitors (other cichlids, bottom dwellers) and only try to eat what can fit in their mouths. Like all Aulonocara, the German Red Peacock cichlid is a mouthbrooder. they are just as personable as an oscar and are pound for pound IMO one of the more aggressive cichlids in the hobby. How do I know if a Dalmatian Molly is a male or female..? The subtle differences being females are rounder and slightly smaller than males. You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. Jewels form monogamous pairs as many cichlids tend to do. When the African jewelfish is ready to breed, females will turn a deep red color to let the male know. Is my Yellow Lab Cichlid a male or female? Krib is plain as for its tank water parameters and this is what made the fish so popular. It may not be very bright red however sometimes the female is brilliant enough that many may consider her mistakenly to be male. Once they are in a compatible pair it is easy to breed them. See more ideas about Cichlids, African cichlids, Aquarium fish. I saw the pics you posted of the couple, and the male is a Blue Jewel Cichlid, which closely resembles an Electric Blue Jack Dempsey, to the untrained eye. They are also, to the chagrin of many aquarists, extremely belligerent. Jewel cichlids are native to Africa. (He's eating an algae wafer in the picture), By entering this site you declare These fish usually spawn on a large flat surface and the eggs hatch 2 to 4 days later. Below are some pics of my Jewel Cichlids...I came in tonight to find one of them almost completely red whil... Piranha-Fury Forums: Jewel Cichlid Color Change? Despite their sluggish nature, these are usually rich in oxygen. I can't pick a male or a female if I order one.