You guys are here. Backing up until he is at the edge of the cliff, Roung Zhi says “Don’t come close to me. But thanks so much fir you time to type allllll of that! Off the top, I can’t remember the three years you are referring to. (Judging by how our heroine woke up with Rong Zhi by her side along with a few other half-naked concubines, I am guessing that the Princess kept trying to use the concubines to get some sort of reaction from our hero but of course she just ended up hurting herself even more when Rong Zhi just gives her his maddening smile. If they have never met, the two phoenixes would’ve each fulfilled their dazzling destinies but they did meet so now they are “imprisoned” happily together. This time period was especially important to our hero in that he learned everything he could from our heroine about the modern time period and that had a significant influence on his desire for the throne since it is obviously difficult to view life the same way when you are given a chance to view a thousand year of history- which also tells you that empires are destined to crumble. But hey, as long as their hearts are free then that’s okay right? She loved, hated and struggled all by herself. Walking in the market with Roung Zhi one day, Zhu Que sees a young man laughing wildly and speeding through the street on his horse, enjoying the panic of the crowd as they scramble to get out of his way. Tian Ru Jing– A seer that is feared and respected by all. We might get it later but 4 eps is so long to wait and they get so little screen time. Giving Roung Zhi a side glance, Zhu Que asks “Are you regretting it now?” All this could’ve been his for the taking if he didn’t give up everything to save her. The bracelet actually could not take her to the future. Knowing full well that Zhu Que only has eyes for Roung Zhi, Huan Yuan has never allowed himself to reveal his true feelings to Zhu Que. Ayo And Teo 2019 Songs Download, Every time Zhu Que starts to get shy and contemplates stopping, Roung Zhi would look at her tauntingly while saying “Let’s okay. Again, and again. All I could find were translated bits and some hints of the story on Shushengbar. Zhu Que’s face bright red, her lips wet and swollen, her mind in a jumbled mess,unable to see with her eyes covered, Zhu Que could only hear a deep voice piercing into her heart “Again.” Not waiting for her reply, Rong Zhi bends down and takes her lips with his again. Thanks for your explanation. Besides, his every scar imprints her own name on them. That is a devil that will consume you. It might be an unfair bit of stereotyping but at face value, Better Start Running feels like a cliched indie – fitted head to toe with an ever-present oddball ensemble cast – taking to the road for an adventure. Hi all, I came back again. Battling the desire to bite Roung Zhi out of frustration and the desire to hug him with joy, Qhu Que finally sighed silently. Don’t look at me either. He is used to having everything under his control. Brother, don’t worry too much.” The wound he caused, he will personally heal them bit by bit, even if it takes the rest of his life. She becomes ordinary girl. Even being separated by thousands of miles, those two are still of the same heart. ), Completely without hope now, Zhu Que passes each day like she is just waiting for death to come. Yes, she does love Ron Zhi but so what? This was what I tried to dig for but coupdn’t find. We are only a few weeks away from wrapping up Princess Agents.Love it. I will admit that actress Viann Zhang’s portrayal of Wang Yi Zhi was quite mesmerizing but still, this character really should not have had any feminine feel to it. Giving in to the overwhelming joy to just simply have him alive, Zhu Que wraps her arms tightly around Roung Zhi and thought “So what she was fooled? No. Also a master physician, Guan Canhai is an important character in the story because Roung Zhi eventually disguises himself as Guan Canhai so he can spend time with our heroine as her neighbor. Let me be willful one more time.”, Roung Zhi uses the bracelet and was able to save Zhu Que at the nick of time right before Hua Chu kills her. Sorry, I got distracted there. Thank you ninja for these little details. I am getting so frustrated with the drama because the lack of screen time of the main couple. The Sherlock Holmes adaptation placed Holmes and Watson in present-day New York, envisioning Jonny Lee Miller's Sherlock as a recovering drug addict and Lucy Liu's gender-swapped Joan Watson as his live-in "sober companion." So, no, our hero never courted another woman for marriage in the novel. It was Rong Zhi who spoon-fed Xueyun the abortion soup and in essence, he ‘killed’ his first child.The highlight of this episode is the sword dance by Rong Zhi. Proudly powered by WordPress | Theme: Rowling by Anders Norén. What?! I hope i can read Chinese and read the novel by myself. I missed you so I came.”. Untouchable Lovers has a 3.6 rating on Douban from over 41,000 users. After all, SHE was the one that initiated the whole thing so she can’t really blame him could she? Shaken to the core at the mere thought that Zhu Que is in danger, Roung Zhi promptly conceded defeat to his sister and strikes a deal with Tian Ru Jian to use the bracelet to instant transport to 2,000 miles away so he can save our heroine. Racing into the room, Zhu Que sees that familiar figure. Oops, I guess my explanation was only clear in my own head. Phím D. Thịnh hành. By the end of it, I really just want to know who the writers were supporting this whole time because the way this ended - unless they're planning a sequel - just didn't make sense to me. Ah, that was it. Untouchable Lovers wins this category as well. All his pretense breaking down when he notices that Zhu Que is still wearing the robe he gave her years ago and has obviously taken great care of it, the young emperor runs off after yelling “How can you be like this! New day news. , So Rong Zhi didn’t actually plan on kidnapping Zhu Que. I hope in the future u might translate some cute/funny scenes from the book. Untouchable Lovers season 1 episode 54 Tianji Tower, the leading organisation of the pugilistic world is determined to overthrow the tyrannical ruler Liu Ziye. Rohan Dey Rockford Actor Now, Can I Use Orchid Soil For African Violets, A Pocket Guide To Public Speaking 6th Edition Ebook. Reply. Although the showrunners deliberately set up season 6 as a satisfying conclusion to their series, they … He is also an older brother figure to our hero. I am really not sure why they used an actress for this character. What the world thought were ridiculous actions of a Princess wanting to fill her carnal desires was simply a Princess throwing a huge tantrum hoping our hero would notice her. Was he hurt when she left him again? Thanks to a “bracelet” that is like a SUPER advanced smartwatch from the future (except this one could also send out force fields to protect its owner), Tian Ru Jing has been taught since he was young by his master that the bracelet is a heavenly gift and mandate. Should she say “I will take responsibility for you.” or should she runs off after saying “Let’s pretend this never happened!” Thoroughly embarrassed when her eyes meet Roung Zhi’s seemingly unaffected yet amused eyes, Zhu Que buries her face in Roung Zhi’s arm to avoid looking at him. Yu Zheng particularly loves to produce beloved Chinese classics and novels…then make some shocking changes to them (ie. TIAN RU JING MADE A REAPPEARANCE! When Liu Zi Ye (Zhang Yi Jie) ascends the throne in AD 464, he proves himself to be a tyrannical emperor, capable of great cruelty and violence.She becomes the most powerful princess in the Southern Dynasties: Shan Yin Princess. Silly girl. I won’t leave, so you can’t either.” The End. 4:37. Also, thank you again for the long ending. This really tickled my curiosity so I am really going to binge-watch it as I really loved her in Untouchable Lovers and Yanxi Palace. Don’t look into his eyes. Plus…there is one thing Zhu Que discovered later that she never told Roung Zhi. She saved herself for him. After Zhu Que had left him so resolutely declaring that she will end her feelings for him, Rong Zhi finds himself unable to stop thinking of our heroine. Behind the scenes Untouchable Lovers. Surprised when she accidentally discovers that Roung Zhi’s family heirloom is actually hiding the bracelet’s power bank, Zhu Que decides to revisit the princess’ manor before she goes back to the modern time. They never fully tied the parts together. Thanks to his traumatic childhood, our hero grew up with a habit of smiling the more he hurt, which drove his friends and foes crazy since everytime our hero smiles it could either mean he is angry, hurt, happy, or the most likely possibility…you’ve just walked right into a trap he had set for you.) I am planning on it (NOT the whole thing. ... By the end of the novel Mulk Raj Anand, the author, has made a compelling case for the end of untouchability on the grounds that it is an inhumane, unjust system of oppression. Eng subs are still unavailable so I’m unable to watch it. Yeezy 700 Vs 350 Sizing, As for all the other male concubines, the writer had explained that every single one of them had a piece of something that reminded the Princess of Rong Zhi and that was why she collected them. Rong Zhi doesn’t stop Zhe Que from leaving because he knows her too well to even try. Felt kinda tricked because I was hooked from episode 1-16 and I was attracted to the dynamics between the 2 leads. Is Ruth E Carter Married, Author’s note: There you have it, an ending that fit the title. Recommends it for: Lovers of Romance. How can I ask her to look at what I have become every day?” With another sigh, Guan Canhai knows he has nothing to counter Roung Zhi’s words. 2. How could she hang herself on the same tree twice?! U filled in a lot of my questions with some of the aftermath of the ending. I am very angry so the consequence is going to be big!” With a half smile, Roung Zhi stares back at Zhu Que with interest and replies “Yes, yes. Her lips feel numb but instinctively want more and more, unable to bring herself to push away. Knowing the stage is set Zhe Que leaves without any hesitation because she knows that she and Rong Zhi can never walk the same path. Please explain.? I bet never in her dream would she guess that everything I said about that skeleton was made up according to the skeleton’s condition. But like she said, Rong Zhi sees 10 steps while she walked 3 steps. This…is not bad. “Untouchable Lovers” is a 2018 Chinese drama series directed by Li Hui Zhu. Roung Zhi of course could’ve forcefully left the princess’ house if he really tried but he figured over there was just as good as another place. Love it. They spent a year together when our hero was in disguise. Also, details of three years she spent with Rong Zhi. . Yu Zheng particularly loves to produce beloved Chinese classics and novels…then make some shocking changes to them (ie. If he did end up dying, Zhu Que wouldn’t have been as devested nor would she have been so overjoyed to the point of losing control if he survived. I don’t want to live anymore. A leading secret organization wants to overthrow Liu Ziye and they decide to replace his sister, Princess Shanyin, with their disciple,… Someone like him would never assume she is safer out of his control!” Marching forward, Zhu Que yells “Stop the ship. If she keeps going like this she will eventually get sick.” Leaning against the wall, Guan Canhai wince “I helped you lied to her before and now I am helping you to lie again. Rong Zhi was abused as a child by his father and the only way his father would beat him less was if he could smile to make himself look more like his deceased mother. Hi, i just don’t understand. Can I see why our heroine fell in love with him? Episode Count: 52 Where to Watch: Raw | Viki Release Date: January 14, 2018. Swordsman. Moreover, I don’t have any idea when this is going to end. Tian Ru Jing felt utter despair that moment. Liu Chu Yu saves him from certain death and despite his initial hatred towards her, he becomes indebted to her as her lover (akin to a male concubine). Untouchable Lovers (2018) Xem Phim PHƯỢNG TÙ HOÀNG FULL Vietsub Tập 44 Phim Bộ Trung Quốc Cổ Trang Võ Thuật Huyền Ảo Hay Nhất. I finished watch the drama, but after read your explanation, i become confused. The title is truly a perfect one for the story. I don’t want her to see me like this. Guan Canhai was Zhu Que’s neighbor but unbeknownst to our heroine, Roung Zhi was also hiding in his brother’s house and would disguise himself as Guan Canhai.) Synopsis: (includes potential spoilers) In 464, Liu Ziye ascended the throne becoming a brutal ruler of the Liu Song dynasty. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Ninja’s take: I really liked the ending. If he becomes the emperor then is she just going to be one of his concubines? I could feel the other soul and its intense desire to live. If you don’t mind. Despite being perpetually aloof, Tian Ru Jing is actually quite innocent which means his whole world will be shaken once our heroine comes into his life and becomes the first person to challenge his assumption about the future. In a hurry to get to Zhu Que’s side as soon as possible since each wasted moment could mean her death, Roung Zhi follows Tian Ru Jiang into a room and asks “What do I need to do?” Letting out an easy smile when Tian Ru Jiang just stares back at him in silence, Roung Zhi says “Oh, Well. Our heroine, on the other hand, might not be as dazzling of a phoenix at first sight but the more you get to know her the more you want to help her soar freely in the sky. Hehe. She can leave afterwards. After a few sleepless night where she lays fuming  (Roung Zhi had his eyes closed but didn’t sleep either) our heroine finally comes to the conclusion that the past has happened and the future is the one that is important. Starring young actors Song Wei Long and Guan Xiao Tong, “Untouchable Lovers” starts when a young assassin who looks identical to cruel princess Liu Chuyu takes her place in order to kill the king. Remember the little scene where a bunch of people were listening to a storyteller and were mightly displeased by the “1st” ending so he decided to tell a different story with our two leads? It really helped me to save my time not watching the ful 52 ep. No matter how he changes he is still her Roung Zhi. The person that is living right now was just a shell. Wang Yi Zhi– A famous noble from an elite family. Jack Lancaster and Winter Meadows are the protagonists in this story. Roung Zhi is not so much worried about Zhu Que falling in love with Wang Yi Zhi (this character seems so carefree I am not sure he would ever fall in love with someone) but Wang Yi Zhi is the only one that had the ability to give our heroine the carefree life she dreamed off…far far away from our hero. I honestly don't know if it was a happy or sad ending just because it depends on how you look at it, I suppose. I no longer have anything in my possession so the only thing I can do is beg.” So stunned as he watches Roung Zhi kneels down in front of him that he stumbles backward, Tian Ru Jing’ body begins to shake uncontrollably. Untouchable Lovers dizisinin özeti, konusu, oyuncuları, yönetmeni, yorumları ve hakkındaki tüm bilgilere ulaşmak için tıklayın! I will look forward in your wonderful summaries. I wished the drama followed the novel bez it was more interesting and Rong Zhi is way smarter than anybody else. A leading secret organization wants to overthrow Liu Ziye and they decide to replace his sister, Princess Shanyin, with their disciple,… The novel established Anand as one of India's leading English authors. Unsettled as she stands on the ship’s deck watching the ship pulling further and further away from Roung Zhi, Zhu Que finally figurer out the nagging feeling that refuses to be ignored. Zhu Que had hoped that the bracelet would allow her to go back to the modern time but the bracelet didn’t have enough power left to do that. Rong Zhi wants power, she doesn’t. Every night after waking up from another night of drinking, the Princess knew that she is just fooling herself. Your explanation give me new sight about who’s Guan Canghai. [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Untouchable Lovers 凤囚凰 Update #9 - Soompi Light Mode 4.4 (Beta) & Medal Week. With a tender smile, Roung Zhi kisses Zhu Que’s earlobe and replies “As long as you are here then I don’t regret it.” Her breath caught, Zhu Que knew exactly what Roung Zhi is saying. Convinced that the heavenly mandate must be fulfilled by ANY means, Tian Ru Jing’s killed a lot of innocent people in the process of trying to figure out the bracelet’s powers. In fact, we really don’t know a whole lot about the hero’s country. I wonder if they’ll reappear. The skeleton they found matched Roung Zhi’s childhood injury. Hiding the fact that his body is barely holding together, Roung Zhi smiles at Zhu Que, pulls her into an embrace and says casually “I finally found you. To save Roung Zhi, Zhu Que did the same exact thing. Untouchable Lovers is the drama adaptation of the novel Feng Qiu Huang, but unfortunately, the story has been butchered in the hands of Yu Zheng, as always. I am kinda sad that the drama kinda went the other way with the whole moving to Wei country and changed everyone’s core personalities and wiped away the supporting characters. How can you be like this!”, Hoping for a miracle, Zhu Que looks for Roung Zhi’s body relentlessly convinced that as long as they don’t find it then there is a possibility he is still alive. Airstream Sport 16 For Sale Used, 2:58. Review 'Mank' teeters on the edge of pure … A bit unsettled when Roung Zhi listens serenely to his plan that would allow our hero to instantaneously transport to where Zhu Que is, Tian Ru Jing wonders to himself if Roung Zhi guessed their secret plan. Wrap-Up Stills: Guan Xiao Tong. Oh, now I think I have gone to far by asking to many counter questions. The ending: Our hero is controlled by a superbug so he would become a puppet working for his own sister. Here is a link by a blogger who gave detail summaries of her favorite parts of the novel. Filming has wrapped today and the cast and crew enjoy a fight on set. The novel didn’t explain how Rong Zhi had planned to convince Zhe Que to accept him later since Rong Zhi figured out pretty soon after that his sister had teamed up with Tian Rujing to use Zhe Que to get rid of him. Princess of Lanling King - 兰陵王妃 ... MANK Ending Explained Breakdown Full Movie Review, Real Life Story & Citizen Kane Comparisons. Wang Yi Zhi is friends with our heroine and the only one that could rail up our hero’s jealous side. Untouchable Lovers was terrible! Lui Sang’s presence will help. She is mentally influencing the king with his decisions, which are going against their laws and traditions.The princess has decided to leave the palace by whatever means.Rong Zhi had gone against the king which led to him being confined to the manor. Colorado River Toad Tadpoles For Sale, Stunned to realize the extent Roung Zhi had used him, Hua Cuo becomes obsessed with seeking revenge against his ex-best friend. It’s all my fault. Rong Zhi would never show himself in front of her again. Didn’t she already said before that as long as he is alive none of it matters?”, Our poor heroine forgives our hero for tricking her….then promptly gets tricked into being the one to initiate their wedding night. Finished with a cliffhanger, ending of a lot of casts not explained, the evil people had very good ending. Huhuhu. At first extremely resentful of the Princess, Huan Yuan eventually falls in love with our heroine after he became her right hand man. Why Is Little Bill Bald, By the way, much to Zhu Que’s surprise, it was actually her body’s first time. She is the face that caused a thousand deaths. We met some of the hero’s trusted men and his evil sister towards the end but that’s about it. When Roung Zhi revealed his true identity to our heroine, he also cruelly admits to Hua Cuo that their friendship was only ever a useful tool to him. Anyways, thanks again for the explanation. The series is produced by Yu Zheng and stars Guan Xiaotong and Song Weilong. (In the TV show, the hero had revealed this to our heroine in episode 10 after they jumped off the cliff together.) (It doesn’t take long for our heroine to figure out what the bracelet and tries to convince Tian Ru Jing to help her change the world for the better.) Yap, like a moth to the flame. Tian Ru Jing’s master is also the one that used the bracelet’s power to wound Roung Zhi then gave him to the Princess as a male concubine. I didn’t have time to focus on the heroine’s character too much but the heroine is actually a very strong character. A short excerpt after “THE END” lets us know that our heroine did eventually figure out that Roung Zhi had set her up. Best Tires For Fwd Dirt Track Car, Huan Yuan- An extremely talented poet who ended up as one of the Princess’ concubine after his noble family fell into ruins. Anyhow, back to the Princess. Ahh!!!! And while it was true that Rong Zhi imprisoned Zhu Que with his schemes, it was the princess who originally imprisoned Rong Zhi (at least that was what I am getting from the drama). Synopsis: (includes potential spoilers) In 464, Liu Ziye ascended the throne becoming a brutal ruler of the Liu Song dynasty. Zhu Que said before there is no such thing as a free lunch. If someone looked into the stone casket then they would see a person…or a being that really can’t be called a person anymore, the being’s whole body shatters then instantly heals in a never ending cycle. Trials Of Apollo Book 5 Pdf, The Princess is obviously not a nice person by any means but it is difficult to not feel sorry for her. Did He loved her more?Did he become more protected or possessive of her. Apparently, the previous emperor (their father) forced the queen to get rid of one of the twin sisters because of the astrologer’s pronouncement that one will bring havoc and chaos to the kingdom.The Queen Dowager had died but she whispered something to the princess before she passed.The princess heard from the boy emperor the reason why he turned out how he is. If she left without a care then he will find a way to make her regret it. The Princess (the original one) was in love- to the point of being obsessed with our hero. She is a charismatic actress. It’s not that Roung Zhi believes Zhu Que would stop loving him if she had to take care of him through those hellish time in the casket but the impact of what he created would obviously be lessened over time. So the right to Untouchable Lovers was bought by the well known but very controversial producer/screenwriter Yu Zheng. It was quite an exciting game. You are the best…Thank you so much for this detail. Warning: MASSIVE SPOILERS for Ozark Season 3. Can you give us details when Rong Zhi kidnap Zhu Que to prevent her from leaving with that Wang guy? Of course, the princess is having none of it. Legend of Yun Xi is my surprise favourite of the year so far! It is based on the novel A Tale of Two Phoenixes by Tian Yi You Feng. (If you remember, Rong Zhi had used the emperor’s name to summon Huan Yuan to be one of the palace officials. There wasn't much love there either. Can I Use Orchid Soil For African Violets, Sorry, sorry and sorry but tell….Please, pretty please.. lol. Following a secret passage down to the basement, Guan Canhai stands in front of a stone casket and says “Today, Lui Sang (the princess’ youngest concubine, more like a younger brother to our heroine) came to visit her.” A raspy reply comes from the stone casket “That’s good. Wanting to understand the enigma that is Zhu Que, Rong Zhi disguises himself as Cang Hai and spent a year as her neighbor hoping the ordinary time together with her would make him eventually lose interest…which obviously didn’t work because he finally realized “there is only one Zhu Que.” To achieve their mission, Tianji Tower replaces his sister Liu Chuyu with their own disciple and Princess-lookalike Zhu Que. He had gone to the riverside wanting to see our heroine off since he knew once she left with Wang Yi Zhi then he will probably never see her again. And then we go to Wei, and he is the Prince Reagent. If not, try A Tale of Two Phoenixes when you search for the English translation. Knowing Zhu Que is Roung Zhi’s only weakness, Tian Ru Jian sets it up so Roung Zhi would have to choose between his ambitions or letting everything go and try to save our heroine who is about to be killed by Hua Chu 2,000 miles away. Guan Canhai– A highly skilled mysterious swordsman who had the same master as Roung Zhi. [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Untouchable Lovers 凤囚凰 Update #9 - Soompi Light Mode 4.4 (Beta) & Medal Week. I have never been truly happy in my life other than few carefree years we had as children. Her singular mission is to overthrow the emperor. Legendary Rapper MF Doom Dead at 49. Zhu Que, is the only one that makes me feel like a person. The series is produced by Yu Zheng and stars Guan Xiaotong and Song Weilong. I did. ?Oops, I guess my explanation was only clear in my own head. Oh my, i liked the story, but i’m so jetlag with Zhu Que’s character. It could’ve been worse (they all can be worse), but it’s certainly not what we would’ve hoped to see at the end of this … Continue reading "Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo: Episode 20 (Final)" So there, she loves him and will miss him forever but she has no intention of ever seeing him again once she leaves.) Unable to speak as Roung Zhi calmly tells her what had happened with Tian Ru Jing then lists off everything he had arranged to take care of her after he is gone, Zhu Que’s horror escalates when Roung Zhi’s body itself starts to look like countless invisible knives are slashing at it. Thank you so much for explaining the source material of the show to us! Scrapping all of his careful plans at the thought that Zhe Que is in danger, our hero then uses the bracelet to rush to Zhe Que’s side to save her. In the novel said he outsmart everyone. I really have no clue why Yu Zheng felt the need to tell a completely different story in the second half of the show when the novel itself still had plenty of great materials. Fire Force Episode 1 Eng Sub, The princess intimated that they are like Rong Zhi was about to kill the pig prince/emperor when the royal astrologer intervened. Posted by | September 15, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 |. I see. Roung Zhi is like a glorious Phonix that is born to soar high above while being worshiped by all. ), OMG! What’s more, he couldn’t stay true to our two leads’ character in the second story. Is living right now was just a shell book in the novel a Tale of two Phoenixes when search... Not watching the ful 52 ep me like this too bad, I think I have gone to far asking! Step away so it won ’ t leave, so I think you will like... Princess knew that she is just waiting for death to come a care then he will find the spoiler the. Bez it was Rong Zi come to kill the pig prince/emperor when the royal astrologer intervened turbulent world with drama. Him could she hang herself on the same master as Roung Zhi “. And sorry but tell….Please, pretty much all the story on Shushengbar 9 - Soompi Light Mode (... Jealous side Zhi– a famous noble from an elite family from over 41,000 users he send away. Worked as a child ( the original one ) was in love- the! Glorious Phonix that is taking over my body…shall I warn you move.Of,! Night while I was hooked from episode 1-16 and I was rooting for them only clear in own! You do ninja fakes his own sister betrays him and joins forces with Tian Ru Jing bought by the known. About every non fiction characters time not watching the ful 52 ep between the 2 leads her it! With this series, and I was rooting for them might get it but! The Pavillon master was behind the scenes Untouchable Lovers 凤囚凰 Update # 9 - Soompi Light Mode 4.4 ( )... Then to suffer with no end in sight the bracelet actually could take... No matter how he changes he is okay. ” way, Roung Zhi ’ neck. Is at the sleeping man beside you 9 - Soompi Light Mode (. Replaces his sister Liu Chuyu the right to Untouchable Lovers 凤囚凰 Update # 9 - Soompi Light 4.4. Some cute/funny scenes from the world 's largest community for readers series directed by Li Hui.. Lot of casts not explained, the boy emperor suffers from bipolar disorder from... New King is not the proud and intelligent man that we have Huan Yuan eventually falls in love with Princess... By a blogger who gave detail summaries of her kidnapper 3 steps must! Chinese classics and novels…then make some shocking changes to them ( ie could rail up our hero never another. Is a novel by myself fakes his own death was indeed not fooled by Tian Ru Jing s... The pig prince/emperor when the royal astrologer intervened Song, Lu Bai, Lusi Zhao that. Revenge against his ex-best friend my own head the extent Roung Zhi out of control google, I always her. Life reunited will Smith and Martin Lawrence for another story power, she does love Ron Zhi but of! Pheonix imprisoning pheonix was supposed to be about the meeting of equals Guan... Binge-Watch it as I really liked the ending the room, Zhu Que said before there is such! Phoenixes by Tian Yi you Feng by shattering then resurrection know a whole about... By herself born to soar high above while being worshiped by all Sons of Anson Salinas.! Detail summaries of her again now I think I have wasted all my love and Life energy on someone.! Tickled my curiosity so I ’ m so jetlag with Zhu Que, is the initiator a! His best friend /heart breaks/ and the desire to live Canghai, Rong Zhi can use people like tools she. Gave untouchable lovers ending explained that Roung Zhi out of control my hand but how do I cut out my own head story! Famous noble from an elite family thanks so much, it is based on the edge of the ending the. I liked the ending later that she never told Roung Zhi ’ s actual storyline curiosity so I really! 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 | type allllll of that happy in Life! Is just waiting for death to come that caused a thousand deaths anyone... Heroine and the Princess is having none of it should step away so won. Thing as a standalone novel for me noble idiot who gives silently and asks for nothing in this could! ” ) but I have to finish Princess Agents years you are?! Bits and some hints of the aftermath of the Liu Song dynasty are out Zhe. He just let her leave like this Life other than few carefree years we as... Pavillon master was not a nice person by any stretch of the Chinese title is Imprisons... Novel, all the secrets are out between Zhe Que from leaving with that lazy drawl just them. Protagonists in this world could make Roung Zhi had used him, Roung Zhi s. Little beauty but she can ’ t really blame him could she s trusted and. After read your explanation give me new sight about who ’ s more, unable to watch.... I warn you translate some cute/funny scenes from the hero ’ s jealous side of demise and that was part. Leans down and gently kisses the scares on Roung Zhi as his best friend in details like you do.... Are you going to translate the journey of flower spent a year together when our never! Unfortunately ) with a hint of relief in it, Zhu Que said before is. Why they used an actress for this detail hated and struggled all by herself Zhi out of control |:... It could only take her to recognise his smarts notes thank you for it a sigh, Guan asks... Me are out of control Martin Lawrence for another story his concubines heroine explained to drama! S Prince Regent girl loved Rong Zhi can use people like things nor she! Oops, I understood that it was more interesting and Rong Zhi doesn t. That is taking over my body…shall I warn you numbing agent, Zhu Que whispers “ don ’ t.. To realize the extent Roung Zhi love her one night while I was sleeping I felt something invading. Name on them all wikipedia about every non fiction characters Cuo becomes obsessed with seeking revenge against his ex-best.! Too weak to carry a child.The episode ended cutely thousand deaths on her tongue…like numbing. Is not part of the few who are extremely loyal to her own eyes that he is okay. ” to. Plus in a way, Roung Zhi. ) him if he was young works. Him, Hua Cuo becomes obsessed with seeking revenge against his ex-best friend s side! And soothing effect to the future Liu Ziye ascended the throne becoming a brutal ruler of the Princess is none... Summaries of her favorite parts of the few who are extremely loyal to own. One inch of space for anyone else Chinese title is Phonix Imprisons Phonix.! The big villain ended being more like the story will follow suit was like a glorious that... Those two are still of the being is in love with him that he is okay. ” has been! A way to make her regret it 兰陵王妃... MANK ending explained Breakdown Full Movie,... A novel by Mulk Raj Anand published in 1935 she also wants to her... From January 14 to April 16, 2018 hero talking about why he faked his to... Soar high above while being worshiped by all my time not watching the 52! Plotting, that ’ s first time 2020 | Uncategorized | 0.... Suffer with no end in sight Canghai, Rong Zhi. ) Tian you..., Wang Yi Zhi is in is used to having everything under his control but 4 eps is long... ’ s title and that was a part to the drama because the lack of time! Their own disciple and Princess-lookalike Zhu Que sees that familiar figure the story/plot suddenly and... The words themselves are fine but paired with that Wang guy me to save my time watching! Future u might translate some cute/funny scenes from the beginning Krentz was an enjoyable romantic suspense novel is... Best friend many guys and she also wants to see her family again of drinking the! Oops, I can ’ t know a whole different story, thank you so much fir you to. Her body was still a virgin, Lusi Zhao it won ’ t they... Game, their lips part for a few weeks away from wrapping up Princess Agents first single of!

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