I would love to see a picture! What Color is Taupe and How Should You Use it? I have a Calacatta marble bench top and the colored cabinets work beautifully together. So great to read this Peggy, I really like Loggia too! Taupe paint colors reside directly between the colors brown and gray - is one of the most versatile paint colors you can have in your home. Certain colors give off a cool and clean kind of feeling while others create an ambiance that is warmer and inviting. They are currently honey oak and the floor is honey oak too. (This image was taken under the florescent lights at Home Depot. Lots of N and S facing windows. Filled with taupe and cream nuances and sprinkles of brilliant yellows, it’s such a happy spot to spend your time at home in. Buy a Tester in this color. Here we see some more billowing, bohemian curtains that surround this reading nook and office with romance and femininity. {found on 12thandwhite}. I’d love to see what you would choose, for this or other colors people are wondering about. The color we anticipate defining 2017 is Poised Taupe SW 6039. Back for more. The taupe paint is a soft hue, so having all the cabinetry painted the same color does not darken or overwhelm the kitchen. Get Pricing and Availability. And we love the hidden taupe accents from the footstool to the pillows. © 2009-2021 Centsational Style, all rights reserved.Centsational Girl and Centsational are legally registered trademarks.Site by Roundhouse Designs, No fail neutral color palettes and more inspiring, Green kitchen cabinets are in the spotlight today, Flashback to three years ago when I completed this, Can you feel the breeze flowing between these isla, Spring is on its way! Finding a great taupe is a tricky but not impossible. Hi Kate, first of all thank you so much for this great colorful post :) I utilized Loggia on my kitchen cupboards and all the trim in our lake lodge. QuingyuanMama, I have found that picking a light grey color with a slight hint of blue works much better when I’m looking for a pale light blue color. Be that as it may, taupe does not depict a single color. Thank you Maria! What’s so great about this room is the layering shades. Neutral Colors Neutral colors include shades of white, beige, taupe, gray and black. I always found tan to be too warm and gray to be too cold so I love taupe (or greige) it’s a balanced neutral that works with so many colors as you said. Taupe can also create a good playground for a blast of bold prints and colors. It look extraordinary together. Learn more. I’m thinking of that hue for a bedroom so it may be next…, Filed Under: ResourcesTagged as: paint colors, color inspiration31 Comments », I’m from Australia and have had cabinets painted this color for that last 15 years. We adore the contrast and warmth. 02 of 04 I think you should try Shitake or Pashmina, they are beautiful! #SC-153 Taupe Textured Solid Color Exterior Wood and Concrete Coating And you have to say something like SW-6106, lol. Taupe is a shade that falls right in that category, with properties of brown and gray and a spectrum of different undertones. I painted my cabinets a custom color, which was a 50/50 mix of SW Anew Gray and SW Perfect Greige. I can see you have paired it with some nicely muted kilim rug so thinking of adding one for ours although we already have a faded vintage oriental runner and it works too! What Color is Taupe and How Should You Use it? On cabinets it looks amazing paired with matte brass hardware. In the very first image, I love how the cabinets turned out well with the brass (i’m guessing) of the cabinet handles and the faucet. According to interior designer Ginny Macdonald, taupe can be a hard … Hi Kate, A fellow Sonoman here. It sounds wonderful. It’s quite interesting when styled right. Dusted Damson. Lots of great info. You’d be surprised how great of a pair taupe can be to a plum counterpart. Taupe is an easy neutral that makes a perfect foundation and subtle accent color for those that love traditional styles and cozy feelings sprinkled around their home. Get design inspiration for painting projects. Taupe is a transitional shade between dark brown and gray, which has comparable characteristics of the two colors. Mango not the windows and stripes on the floor mix well with this subtle, soft shade. This shade of taupe offers a warmer feel than the Indian River would. Great post. My question is, the what kind of natural light exposure does your kitchen get? Home > Paint Colors > Orange Paint Colors > Uptown Taupe … Best Light Shade of Taupe: Clare No Filter. Valspar Cherry Taupe Interior Paint Sample (Half Pint) Item #1185292 Model #1005-10A. Use Current Location. £1.96. It can feel warmer with hints of red, or cooler with hints of green, making it extremely versatile and timelessly popular. Any thoughts? I am looking for an exterior color to go with my brick exterior. I was super nervous at first bc I was use to peachy and burnt orange and plum colors. The undertone of this hue is gray, which is one of the reasons this kitchen has a soft and elegant feel. You’re probably wondering where color notations come from. I’m a renovator, decorator, pattern maker, and globetrotter who writes about great interior design, smart home improvement, and my travel adventures. my best advice is to try samples of both and look at them in changing light throughout the day. Discover More. Some might call this color greige, some may call it mushroom, some may even think it’s khaki but I have always called it taupe, a color that’s the perfect balance between tan and gray, and a desirable neutral. You don’t want green or yellow or lavender undertones. I’m considering doing this paint swatch color matching as a series, is there any color you’re looking for that I can help with? For example, a greyish blue and a bright white along with Poised Taupe feel like a modern version of a French country kitchen. I’ve found that when I like a light blue color on the paint chip, it usually ends up looking pastel baby blue on the wall. //]]>. Thanks for your feedback, Maurie. Hello, I’m Kate! It can even provide interest to a home office made for inspiring. Hi Katie – I am painting kitchen cabinets. xo. Nicole Gibbons, an Oprah-vetted interior designer and … Kate, I love this! The color I used is an Australian paint brand – Dulux paints Russian toffee. Taupe will seem a bit warmer in some cases, skewing somewhere between brown and gray. For s lighter version of the same look we painted our kitchen cabinets Farrow and Balk Shadow White. Both skew slightly warmer at night in the incandescent light. These taupe sofas and throw pillows adorning the accent chairs add a mysterious, romantic element to this living room. Thanks for your blog. Tangerine Twist. light is a funny thing, it’s different based on latitude, longitude, whether you’re west, north, east, or south facing! See more ideas about taupe paint, taupe paint colors, paint colors. We love it! Find 20 fresh botanical peel, If you want just a touch of trending terrazzo in y, Don't miss all the details in this condo designed, If you're looking for a socially distanced getaway, I scouted a dozen sources for interesting indoor p, https://www.houzz.com/photos/contemporary-condo-transitional-kitchen-little-rock-phvw-vp~30660375. I’m debating between slate blue or white cabinets. It truly is an ideal greige. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I narrowed down a great collection of taupe colors for you to choose from! It doesn’t matter if it’s a considerably WARM taupe (winking at the border of beige) or a COOLER taupe, leaning more into gray, if it has a purple undertone, it’s probably a taupe. Here’s why: This timeless neutral is modern, classic and a beautiful balance of warm and cool. It’s also a strong tone to play with gender ideas. - Glidden Paint Colors I would love to try this out in my masterbath, which gets light from west and northfacing. What color did you paint yours? Perfectly Taupe Find products in this colour. Thoughts? View these and other coordinated palettes on Behr.com. I’ve had dozens of emails asking me about this kitchen remodel from last year, specifically regarding the cabinet color and my answer has always been, “It’s the manufacturer’s color: Oat by Thomasville.” But the follow up question I get is, “OK, well do you know a paint color match?”, // Uptown taupe … there are some that! And ivory colored walls for a naturally chic living room ; it 's BEHR.

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