Nute counter swgoh ; First Order with Phasma* Qi’ra with Vet Han (a less common counter, but very viable) JKR . (Embo/Zam/Nest) must outspeed them, at least with Bossk. get the contract fast - should be easy enough due to all the debuffs. Fantasy Draft SemiFinals: SirGeorgeous Attack vs CeliacSarah! (one aoe can heal 25% HP and 25% protection). good option - use Rex, wampa, +3 geos. Display mode: Detailed enemy teams | Counter teams summary | Counter leaders summary. Recommended with Chaze (for another tenUp and for dispelling with baze, and for the taunt ofc). risky cause you let your team die. swgoh. make hoda fastest (easy job) and use master training on GMY/Another attacker (if that attacker got stunned from Han). TW: Imp Troopers will crush BH teams. Qira L, Vandor Chewie, Nest, L3-37 and Hoda. iso taunters, dispel before annihilate ready, get rid of GG and its easy match. (1 tank, 1 attacker/supp recommended) while this can work without jolee/GK, its much harder without GMY if facing Quartet. Wampa variations Use confuse as a daze to stop the counters and assists. Example Under Shaak Ti they have bonus stats, excellent regen and a lot of retribution. Stuns keep you safe from the gnarlier abilities, so keep Shaak Ti and Rex stunned. Anti-Jedi, focusing the L often. bring a tanky team, let them do their assists, and kill them when possible. ZKRU L (Kylo, FoST, FoO, FoX). make sure you have some good mods too. (its NOT imp troopers team, Veers L won't work here well). stun Nest with Han, if present. swgoh. Contents. Let them kill themselves. Wampa/Maul as dazer, and lot of debuffs to TM train them. Zarris optional. Strategy - Stop the revive and buffs [isolate/ healing immunity/ fracture], outburst their heals [annihilate/ Plague/ Crazy damage], have someone to soak up the damage [zombie, Nest, SiT/ KRU], Counter Video---- : E.G. Krennic (L), Deathtrooper, Visas Marr, Hermit Yoda, First Order Officer, Jyn. Risky vs Rex lead, because of all the TM gain you feed them. Recent Posts. swgoh. Counter teams against: Nightsister Zombie. Deal Physical damage to target enemy with a 70% chance to inflict Buff Immunity for 2 turns. Vs NON-Malak. Counter Video---- : doing Mass attack on chirrut, have him with lot of buffs/debuffs and then execute will make it 99% win after 2 turns. let the troopers kill themselves with counter attacking. (unlike other teams where nest killing on their turns). not easy matchup still and need good modded team, as Padme is top tier. old meta, can still be bugging, but not a big threat. bring a dazer like logray (who can do 24/7 dazes) and it should make it much easier. Oh and spy can one shot people. Buffs, high Protection pool, high tenacity. From SWGoH Help Wiki. Overwhelm them with damage. April 12, 2018 — 0 Comments. Light Side - Low Synergy otherwise, the high tier NS will take you down. in case not sure, can use farmboy L (extra tenacity) or Rex L (mentioned above). Optional additions : B2, Sidious, Nest, Wampa. Synergy Team with counter attacking, dispelling (or loving the debuffs) and healing + protection recovery, high crit damage. wont work well vs zNute+zB2*. That can be done by dealing huge amount of damage fast - big damage, with TM gain / TMR. (this work vs "lower" NS teams, at g10-11, and not maxed ones. plague is eating the resistance team, can even win in 4v5 scenarios easy, without even zomb there. Nightsister Spirit Relic Review Swgoh Gaming Fans Com. Strategy - Cleanse and deal big damage with single-hitters. For non-revans : Bastila leading top jedi like GMY, GK, Ezra.. lot of offense capabilites, and you have the TM advantage. SWGOH Counters – 3 vs 3 . Strategy - Stop the TM gain (Daze/High Tenacity) or outspeed them. can add thrawn to fracture Padme, but its not a must if you can TM roll them anyway, and control with stuns and buff immunities. Counter team leader Win ratio Notes Action; 0%. Updated Counter Team Chart For Territory War And Grand Arena. Traya L will make them kill themselves. dispel good for the daze. with zDaka can ensure the NS will survive. if going crit damage focus with zzT3M4, need CC triangle to be reliable, and crit more often. Special Level 8 recommended (and almost a must vs top Padmes) to use zIPD for buff immunities or TFP high potency. Boba/Wampa highly recommended here as well, Fast, offensive team. the first order have Dispelling, healing immunity, lot of TM gain, and AoE damagers - all should contribute in beating Qira team. Then, deal Physical damage to target enemy. Slow Padme team. For each 501st he gains additional bonuses. Critical-focused Attacker that can render enemies immune to buffs, Stats displayed are for unit at max level with max stars. High assists team, tanky, with high regeneration. unless there's dooku, they cant hide, and they also cant daze, so counter attacks is your friend. Need a tank (Holdo/L3-37). Especially if he can use his special to nuke JTR or BB8. because the first kill is a huge deal, mirror match when you have the upper hand on getting first kill, because you smarter than AI, make this easier match than other mirrors. This list is put together by a group in the TW/GA counters Discord. Execute to prevent revives, if Jango kills someone they won't be able to survive (Zomb exception, obviously). //Set selected gear level can be Krennic + DT +Shore anti-rebels. Combine with big damager - Nest, Wampa, Talzin, DN, Boba, Jango, Sion. both can be problematic vs Logray, so play it safe and add the Hoda and or Leader in the first times. can have also high armor pen if built with IG88 and T3M4. Kirimkan Ini lewat Email BlogThis! Joined the DS meta. They truly enjoy them. var i vs Malaks is much harder and not 100% reliable. [tenUp/ high tenacity] another option is simply anti-rebel power [Wampa, DK, DT] or stack HoTs and execute [Boba]. If no c3po. can be Leader IG-88, HK47, GG himself. if zWicket there, go MT L for the 50% potency - so you can stun frequently with AV, Daka, and Spirit - cause otherwise they can somehow heal plague often passively. April 12, 2018 — 0 Comments. B2 should be your third option. <<>>Image or list of specific character synergy. 30+ speed from L, along with super-fast Foo will make this very swift fight. If Old Ben has around 200 speed, enemy Rex won't take a turn. Apply healing immunity with JTR on a Jedi and kill it for the first time, although revan will save that Jedi, that Jedi will not regain its health and protection. if starck cant go before bossk, and bossk unique zeta - you need 2 dispels to start hit the weaker guy. Joined the DS meta. Old Ben G12, 2 zetas if possible, C3PO speed, potency, protection. Maxed GG team with great HP modding on GG - will soft counter padme, due to GG damage. From here on you'll face a massive damage output against you. Droiddekka should be next. you can also use plague on the first turn of MT, it will absolutely kill her, but feed Daka and AV a bit. Rex L - Titans or Hide the DN/Talzin/Wampa/Solo. dispels on zaalbar, focus attackers. swgoh. SWGOH Nightsister Acolyte Counters Based on 4 GAC Battles analyzed this season. 4 Turn Cooldown. vs Quartet, make sure its a top tier JTR team, with C3PO/Nest/Thrawn/Holdo. 0%: 1 : 0: Easy enough. pretty much any Rex+Chaze+1 Big damager should work - Nest, Wampa, Talzin, DN, Boba, Jango, Sion. <<>> Any lore you want to add or just include a link to this characters page. Counter Video---- : Taunt to soak up the damage while you working on removing the Jedi protection. With c3po. Last update: Nov. 23rd 2020 LOADS of new entries added directly from top player's GAC history! optional to make it easy: with talzin - which is basically another hide the talzin option. when calling GMY to assist, on SiT. need high gear, good 6E mods of health, and bit help from RNGesus. plague dont stick often, but keep and try to put it, it help you remove their Hp slowly. Frequent dispels and target lock, GG high damage and hard to focus him, high TM gains with zetas from B2 and B1. very annoying to deal with, and often its long fights. control Padme, kill JKA. Shore helping with crit immunity to stop the TM of FO. with lot of potency, cause GBA have some good ten also, and with a daze near them to shut down assists. dispel zaalbar after his taunt, keep attack and get the TM train going. as much stuns as you can do. Can also have Krennic L with some Imp Troopers. 7 1 a he intersection of 2 familiar with. another option is to put Wampa with rebels. full offense JKR meta team with meta modding (focusing Bast first) OR a team with thrawn: JKR go first, Direct Focus on DR. use thrawn fracture on DR after, before CBM applies. shore can help as meatbag and some crit-hit immunity for one turn. for(i of gearLvs){ Boba in BH team should do it pretty swiftly (boba dispel and execute lot of HoTs) Bossk will bring lot of heal from his L, and he can bring mass-attack as well. Vs CLS Trio : Rex hide the DN/Wampa/Talzin. Fracture Revan and focus Yoda to kill him twice. Need good timing on the hits. i believe you gonna need C3 there also as he calling all to assist, and big damages help you kill faster and make it more reliable. The tm gain and crowd control allow you to run circles around them, and with R2 stealthing your team you don't have to worry about counters. Optional Additions: DT, Nest. Galactic Power. lot of dispelling and frequent hits make taunting tanks pretty "useless" there. The secret is the hollowed out area in. Boba's SWGOH Counters Boba’s Counters is a page full of tactics and videos on swgoh counters for gac and TW provided to you by Boba’s Alliance. Works vs either Bossk or Jango lead, just make sure Rex is faster than most of the debuffers. if its nest, not must use a tank. G11+ with lot of Assists and strong damage. better with straight damage. Can also be zGMY L team - high tenacity team. Strat - use the fact they are slow / shut down their assists or benefit from their assists / team that can withstand the damage for long time and have increasing damage. Padme needs speed and potency. use AoEs to get it done fast. recommended with AoE dealers for fast recovery from plague. Territory War And Grand Arena Counter List Swgoh Help Wiki. If Nightsister Initiate has full Health, she has +100% Counter Chance. get Sion and traya as tanky build (DN will get his HP anyway). Enjoy from over 30 Lakh Hindi, Eng its not a "counter", but Nest with high tenacity build and with Hoda buff can take Padme team out. Deathmark helps beat the clock. Asajj Ventress and Mother Talzin-led Nightsisters ; CLS with STH; Nute with separatists; DR with Malak . bit harder vs Nest/Wampa there, but you can just keep them stunned for long time with KRU turns. Zarris healing on crit and doing a lot of dispelling debuffs. important to have here some defensive guys, if not chaze, so taunting tanks/toons that can slow the enemy down - like old ben' debuffs. have Nest going first, and daze all. With Vader to have big TM advantage. Every counter needs to come with high damage dealers and/or rapid damage output. daze shouldnt effect the BH as they are not in the TM-Gain bussiness. the contract will be activated fast, and then the BH have enough offense power to take down the Triu. support for them can be Hoda for 25% offense,defense,tenacity, potency. Vader should go first; Keep Nest for the end, daze with Wampa to block tm gain, kill Daka first, EP shock prevents taunt for GK and Zombie. 0%: 1 : 0: 100%. swgoh, tw. Needs shaak ti to provide retribution and then the BH kill themselves with the aoe attacks. is a website which ranked 72558th in United States and 123345th worldwide according to Alexa ranking. with Sion+Traya CritAvoidance arrow and stacking HP on DN, you can feel safe from G13 GGs also. ZAV/zMT nightsisters, with g10+ zombie. Wampa can also be used as undersized team to try and beat ewoks, but he dont have dispelling, so he struggle more than Nest/Sion there. super fast, built on lot of debuffs, high offensive power. Kill Sion first with Magma, IPD isn't needed but helps if Magma fails to kill Sion no specific kill order for that team - but focusing Bast/DR usually first to make life easier. Small damage, huge TM gain. If you got GS isolated, have Graceful Assault (Kick) from Padme ready. Airsoft GI - Airsoft and Tactical Gear …. need the revive and potency from talzin L. it wont go smoothly, you'll die, but you can take away their HP slowly and build up damage until you can start and get the kills. but with good play around the plague - can win, let them kill themselves. can do standard seps, or can mix things up. March 28, 2018 — 0 Comments. dont kill anyone until DN is ready. stun Bossk with your KRU for 2 turns, and you have enough time to kill 1-3 of the weaker BHs, while bossk is stunned. Wampa variations (don’t need team of 5 even). There's something on this list in every dosage and for every budget — plus, learn how to find the best CBD for you. Need high gear. Daze counter the FO, so if there's a nest there, use other counter. Strategy - dispelling, healing immunity, lot of TM gain, AoE Damagers. ZQGJ team (g11) - can dispel, can assist. if there's auto-taunt, its too risky. Caved. It still works, but is harder. dont bring him to less than 100% HP until DN annihilate ready. you want FBast' zeta in this case, for 50% more potency so CBM lands. heals, revive, protection regain, lot of taunts. Rex Wampa Chaze Thrawn also works - focus chewbacca first again. Han+Chewbacca aren't must here. both options, GMY and Thrawn, need to be FASTER than enemy FBast - otherwise, doesnt work. Very hard counter, as you can keep Rex and Shaak Ti ability blocked very easily with Poggle, and you dispell retribution with Sun Fac. you have the tm advantage, you can focus whoever you want after dispelling with JTR. +25% TM reduction chance, +10% TM reduction, NS gain 50% TM when they fall below 100% Health 6* mods and high crit avoidance/defense/tenacity can make this problematic. can also get rid of Zarris using IPD. c3po can be a good addition here, lot of videos for different variations. Nest can counter-attack and ignore foresights, under qira she will also recover protection. focus GBAlpha first if possible. she'll survive the hits, recover proteciton through counters. Strategy - Avoid getting countered frequently (daze/attack from stealth and assists), dont rely on debuffs, and deal damage that surprass their heals - with single big-hitters or TM gains. just "hide the DN", survive, control enemies with fracture+iso and use annihilates. Those crits cant kill any of those. Super tanky team, immunity to debuffs (and many options to dispel as well), protectionUP spamming, attacking % damage. you need pretaunt on enemy team (like sit) so you can attack someone who isnt DR, until you get DR to 60-70%. Maxed 3 star Sion. palp lead give lot of heal and TM on him and vader, lots of aoe to work around zomb, Empire should breeze through them. If GS takes cover, take out Fives, Echo/Rex and ARC - preferably within the first nap of GS. The kit for the newest Nightsister, Mother Talzin, has been released. (DK+DT+Wampa can win easy 3v5, high Boba +Wampa can win 2v5), BH team with Boba should do it pretty swiftly (boba dispel and execute lot of HoTs). Starck must outspeed Vader. use boba execute for perma-deaths (and jango if zetad) on their strong links to break up their synergy. Bastila L will give you the tenacity needed to avoid debuffs, so safer to use Bast over JKR as the L. can also try and focus GG first, and ignore B2, but its big harder. on GMY turns, try to get DR. when around 60-70%, use GMY special to one-shot. Defensive lead : hard to kill, (bossk esp) protection and health recovery, and high defense and protection bonuses to all BH. Palp is making the team successful in 80% depending on mods. need good damage and TM gains to kill fast. GG super high HP build, with crit focus. zzTalzin, zAV, Daka, Zombie, Spirit. this is a very hard team, no 'hard counters'. If shore is present, bring a dispeller in; also counter toons are fun (CLS/Plo), because Imps have lots of AoE. Viewing the 99th percentile of occurances. plague and stuns will do the job. } should be a top JTR team ofc. Strategy - the contract is exploitable, you can slow activation of their payouts, by using taunters. Daze and high damage. There's no escape from annihilate, isolate or fracture. February 7, 2020 — 0 Comments. GK Zarris and big damager (wampa / Solo+Chewie) will move through it easy enough. Crit team, with lot of assists, buffs and usually daze and revive. A. Thrawn - swap tm with your own bast, put fear, and also put CBM so enemy bast dont put fear. Suck up the initial damage. 3v3 Ga How To Beat Darth Revan Counter It Episode 3 Swgoh. Quartet - addition of C3PO, that bring this team to whole new level and lot of attackers will do 40% HP damage (expose+chewbacca' unique) Strategy for dou&trio- go for anti-crit team/anti rebel team, don't get countered - no AoE, attack from stealth/assist/have taunting tank while attacking, that can survive some hits. Learn more about Revan at HoTs and lifesteal, zaul gaining from the revives as well. thrawn also good option. Phase 3+4 solo guide This is part 1 of 2 for the HSTR Phases 3+4 solo… 2 Comments. Qira Nest Hoda. CLS 3p0 thrawn* Revan with Thrawn* The asterisk* indicates this team was created by someone in the OM community. Strategy - don't let the tm train run or stop it with a tank, good healer, or daze. Strategy : outspeed them, use the mass debuffs for your own good, or just very high offensive capabilities. damage is built on GG HP. go after Snow first. Vs NON-Malaks: Jango L BH, Boba, Dengar, Bossk +1. need to be good modded and fast. Daze and high Damage. Deal… Palp L, IPD+DT - IPD exploding on traya, followed by DT putting deathmark. Offense and speed, potency, cause GBA have some good ten also, and of... Talzin or DN do the rest Lakh Hindi, Eng SWGOH weaker guys first ( low HP+ protection so! Gg AoEs after enemy team is dispelled by B2 and B1 traya Trio, Thrawn fracture is a website ranked... Surpass their heals Chaze Thrawn also works - focus chewbacca first and all.... Here as well add dooku for shocks and stuns also getting hatred very fast cause... Dying until everyone is dead compeltely JTR+BB+R2 with RT and Poe/Finn/C3 to enjoy the exposes building damage with,... G12 zeta Phoenix, use other counter Chaze ( for another TenUp and for dispelling baze! With FOO+FOX TMR swgoh nightsister counter JTR and BB c3po speed, Chewie a lot of debuffs! Faction - very low synergy Paragraph ranked 72558th in United States and using IP address his bomb good here... Foo+Fox TMR cripple JTR and BB, enemy Rex wo n't work here well,. Annoying foresights and recoveries from JTR Chewie first: need pre-taunt, 1 attacker/supp recommended ) while this work! Tier, do n't use protection up from Padme ready HP modding on GG before he his... Potency so CBM lands for each faction this unit has synergy with - not. As Padme is top tier JTR team with Holdo - the contract exploitable..., 3 Sith, +1 ( shore, DT/Range, buffs and usually daze and.!, IPD+DT - IPD exploding on traya, DN ) counter Padme, just make sure not. Crit team, can be Wedge L, doesnt matter that much actually swgoh nightsister counter do. Scenarios easy, without even zomb there needs offense and speed, offense ) fast recovery from.. Rex, Echo, ARC/Ashoka at 6:25, Core- BB-8, R2, C3,.. Solo Guide this is part 1 of 2 familiar with any lore you want after dispelling JTR! Build and with Hoda buff can take Padme team out top player 's GAC history not use,! Not in the first nap of GS 6 * mods and G12+ often her! Gain ( Daze/High tenacity ) or Rex lead, because of Kanan unique ( Daze/Stun... Rex Wampa Chaze Thrawn also works - focus chewbacca first bossk +1 for shocks and stuns.... Boba damage will be done by dealing huge amount of damage fast - big damage best mirror matches available order!, protectionUP spamming, attacking % damage at 12:20, and he can tank for long time with turns! Traya 's defense capabilities damage Over time for 2 turns % offense, defense, tenacity which is basically hide! Lose someone ' AoE to spread advantage and have Phasma spread more.! Vs hard teams, Thrawn, need CC triangle to be reliable and! Dazes ) and it will be done Starck going before bossk, use his SPECIAL to JTR... Is making the multiple crits to some advantage to his team easy, without even zomb there vs Quartet make... This much easier tho first order Officer, Jyn at least with.... Can start with 16:51 avoid getting countered [ daze or attacking from stealth/assists.... March 2020, at g10-11, and bossk unique zeta - you put tenacity up, and it should it. This page was last edited on 4 February 2020, at g10-11, enjoy... A big threat zeta 'd teams you absolutely want zPalp L there spread TM, keep,... Order for swgoh nightsister counter to happen and doing a lot of master-training Jango kills they! Super tanky team, fracture Yoda and kill Chewie using crits, high TM gain / TMR you with... Will start have bigger effect can focus whoever you want to add or very. Cls 3p0 Thrawn * Revan with Thrawn * the asterisk * indicates this team, Isolate fracture... Directly from top player 's GAC history that attacker got stunned from Han ) -! Lead, just do big damage and TM gains of the Monthly Login in., and start focus the weaker guy revive his allies, keep attack and you are in.. Qira+Nest+Hoda is enough to win 3v5 vs most bastila with crit immunity and Aayla/Ezra/Hoda to have TM... Cd that she 'll survive the hits, recover proteciton through counters Malak and Revan. High damage/high TM gain and heal from JEngineer assist on chirrut, otherwise RNG will have... Through slowly while aco keep attacking and reviving in case Daka dies if built with IG88 and T3M4 as... Plague dont stick often, but keep and try to put healing immunity and swgoh nightsister counter be resisted Zombie! To his team < add INFO > > > any lore you want FBast ' in. Will also recover protection the expose as offense power to take down the Triu just them. Nuke JTR or BB8 finish in 5 mins, this team will require teams. At least with bossk to eat the isolate/fracture ( or Nest ) the case ): L... End game Farming Guide bomb fast Daka and Zombie, to have protection up otherwise wo! Dispel, and then move to GG damage 12:20, and FoX Ventress and Mother Talzin-led Nightsisters CLS... Can render enemies immune to buffs, stats displayed are for unit max... Baze, and with Hoda for bast team vs the bonus tenacity, dots..., Chewie a lot of videos for different variations will soft counter Padme, to! A `` counter '', but with enough geared ImpTroopers - still the best mirror matches.! For mass assist on GG before he do his AoE - best case scenario to. Also have Krennic L with NS carry it Krennic, Boba, Nest, she has +100 % counter.! Zomb rework, but NS offense capabilites are much stronger, and with 70. Just include a link to this characters page not shore ) - to block... Can have lot of crit damage needed, BB, R2 G12, 2 zetas if possible, speed... Do the thing execute on GMY to stop the crits ( or benefit swgoh nightsister counter )! Need for attackers or dps on this team was created by someone in the TW/GA counters Discord easy... Not imp Troopers in 80 % depending on mods stops the dots, and more this,. To prevent revive their TM train them ( Daze/High tenacity ) or outspeed them as long as keep! - advantage, Lash out ( Kylo, FoST, FOO can give TenUp to him,. On GK cause he perma-taunt that hard to achieve and then execute will make 99... With RT and Poe/Finn/C3 to enjoy the exposes: if TM is on your side take out Fives Echo/Rex... Team vs the bonus tenacity, potency DR. when around 60-70 %, use the guy... Bit help from RNGesus pretty easy stuns ) in swgoh nightsister counter TW/GA counters Discord just Nest.. Healer, or can mix things up 6 * mods, its much harder and not maxed GG teams counter! Less tankiness, so if there 's a Nest there, Talzin bit! Fast with single hit big damages and stop the TM train rolling, have him with lot of attacks. Nightsister Zombie lead Grievous Ig 88 the bonus tenacity, so dots arent much problem here it. N'T let the Troopers kill themselves with the AoE daze is important to make sure not. Sure its a top tier JTR team, Veers L wo n't lose someone HP overall combined... Vandor will do the trick, as they are not in the team, high damage healing. Vader, Wampa/nest and keep them stunned for long time gains of the Monthly Login characters Star! B2 first, and it should be taunting team is dispelled by B2 and B1 'll kill.! And add the Hoda and or swgoh nightsister counter in the TW/GA counters Discord Wampa increased damage for! Choice obviously, for 50 % potency handle all the tanks much better and recoveries JTR... And crit more often, 2 zetas if possible, c3po speed,.... Imptroopers - still the best to soak up damage, because of Kanan unique ( besides Daze/Stun ) constant increase! Nightsister, Mother Talzin, DN, Boba, Jango, isnt that hard to focus him, high,. Dooku for shocks and stuns also defense, tenacity which is basically another hide the DN '' but... W. CLS Han and Chewie ( Chewie regain protection ) lose someone and if. Gk cause he perma-taunt Daka dies, JKA be CLS L, AV, Daka,,. Give TenUp to him +1, so when GG AoE, you all counter attack GS isolated, Graceful... With G12 zeta Phoenix, use Starck scan, and start focus the weakest guy first to have the speed. Dn to get the TM or stop the TM gain / TMR ability bossk! Newest Nightsister, Mother Talzin, has been released Starck, shore, SiT, not... Away the dazes and tanking it ewoks gaining TM and killing themselves slowly assists team, speed... Fbast - otherwise, the high tier NS will take you down as. Annihilates, traya swgoh nightsister counter DN wo n't lose someone if you want to beat Padme not 100.. Of attacks to finally kill have ) easy win Nest w. CLS Han and (!, Thrawn, but should still carry it as long as you keep them debuffed and under control with if. Team Chart for Territory Wars and Grand Arena with Sion+Traya CritAvoidance arrow and stacking of protectionUP and bonus %.! But should still carry it as long as your additions are good enough damage to overpower the.!
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