History of 1918 Flu Pandemic. "Fortunately, the government is already in charge of ordering the measures it considers efficient to limit the blow, whose effects we hope not to be as important as some assert. The visualization shows that in many countries life expectancy, which measures the average age of death, doubled from around 40 years or less to more than 80 years. 45 174–178. Gagnon et al. The denser the population, the more havoc, and Mexico City is optimal for the development and propagation of the new pandemic. Public resources were small and many countries had just spent large shares of their resources on the war. As with Spanish flu, no-one was exempt from the virus: the Prime Minister of the UK Boris Johnson was hospitalised with Covid-19 in April 2020 and the President of the United States of America, President Trump, suffered similarly in October. OUR DATA: We use the most recent data from these primary sources: WHO, World Bank, UNESCO, CIA and individual country databases for global health and causes of death. Online here. The primary focus was on passengers entering from the US, The United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, France and New Zealand. In available historical reconstructions (like this one) this decline is not shown. The age-specific mortality seems to be very different. Soc. J. Clin. Our ambassador in Havanna sent a cablegram to the Foreign Affairs Ministry reporting that the “Spanish Flu” pandemic has appeared and is expanding on the whole island, mainly to the eastern provinces. The ‘Spanish Flu’ pandemic is only present in Mexico with the characteristics of a disease previously known as the common cold and it does not have, as it has been said, alarming symptoms that could cause a true pandemic that could cause numerous victims in the Republic. The influenza outbreak started in the Northern Hemisphere in the spring of 1918. Patterson and Pyle (1991) estimated that between 24.7 and 39.3 million died from the pandemic.6, The widely cited study by Johnson and Mueller (2002) arrives at a much higher estimate of 50 million global deaths. 10.1086/591708. Morens et al (2008) found that during the Spanish flu “the majority of deaths … likely resulted directly from secondary bacterial pneumonia caused by common upper respiratory–tract bacteria.”21. This is how EL UNIVERSAL covered the presence of the Spanish Flu in Mexico: On Guard Against the Spanish FluOctober 101, 1918, *The Health Department adopts energetic measures to prevent the pandemic from expanding It is becoming apparent that there are differences in the death rates for different groups during the Coronavirus pandemic, and there is no clear explanation of why this is. Morens et al (2008) found that during the Spanish flu “the majority of deaths … likely resulted directly from secondary bacterial pneumonia caused by common upper respiratory–tract … Med. It is highly probable a similar measure will be taken in the Coahuila and Pacific railways because the city of Saltillo wants to be isolated since it has not been invaded by the pandemic yet. Health measures The visualization here shows the available estimates from the different research publication discussed in the following. Current estimates for the annual number of deaths from influenza are around 400,000 deaths per year. A 2005 estimate put the death toll at 50 million (about 3% of the global population), and possibl… Is COVID-19 worse than the 1918 Spanish flu? ], This influenza outbreak wasn’t restricted to Spain and it didn’t even originate there (recent research by Olson et al. As of 25 October, over 13,000 cases had been confirmed in India, with 444 deaths, starting with a 13-year-old girl's death in … The Spanish Flu pandemic weakensSaturday, August 12, 1918. There is now a lot of variability in these estimates and while the academic discussions continue the range of estimates gives us an understanding of the severity of the event. To have a context for the severity of influenza pandemics it might be helpful to know the death count of a typical flu season.
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