There is a cry in the distance. Without proper gear to protect from the cold, you wouldn't last two minutes out there. He asks you to refute Holmes, to say that it isn't true. Discussion of the show, pictures from the show, and anything else Lost related. These are some excellent summaries, but they all leave one bit unexplained, and it's the bit that has always bothered and eluded me. Your food situation, however, is even more pressing, as supplies are at a precarious level. When he finds out from Holmes that you came from outside Russia, this amazes him - he has never even thought about what lay outside of Russia. He wants to style his hair in order to leave the best first impression on the natives. Charlie is a faded rock star who harbors a painful secret. Josh Holloway as James "Sawyer" Ford(23/24) 4. He also reminds Mashu not to do anything reckless. Even so, 90% of its population perished, and the country was one step away from extinction too. In your case, that might be a more painful way to perish than dying in battle. However, the timing is paramount. The Shadow Border shudders. In your Whole are the Results but considerably and I think, the Result will also be used for you very much satisfying be. A plane crashes on a mysterious island not on any charts and the survivors set up a society, beset by 1) supernatural island forces, including a weird smoke monster; 2) other survivors from the tail section; then 3) people who live on the island, who are leftovers from a weird quasi-cult/science project called the Dharma Initiative. Huh... well, if Holmes says so... even the most impatient guy of all is being patient here, so... Hahaha, are you perchance referring to me? Get all of's best Movies lists, news, and more. They come across a Krichat 1 and take it down, complaining of the hunger. While Gordolf mulls over whether it's saute or piccata, you point out that it's the one where you cook it with butter and lemon juice. Part one of my LOST analysis examining Conflict through the series. Since your escape, the enemy has not been able to give chase. Thanking her, you tuck in. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Magical beasts have encircled you, cutting off your path of escape. Am I better than me? Join 6,470 readers in helping fund MetaFilter. That's the plan, so what do you think? He's very similar to Gordes in Apoc where he starts off and generally is kinda a prick but deep down he's actually a good guy. It seems that you've run into a boundary within Imaginary Numbers Space. Close. The magical beasts that don't die even when shot are a lot more troublesome. There are a multitude of quite plausible scenarios in which the colonials might have lost their war with the mighty British Empire. Gordolf refuses to listen to Holmes and asks for Mashu's opinion instead. Weakness is evil, death is defeat, and tenacity is praised as justice. We have to do it now if we want to surface---!? You are reluctant about that. Rising. Holmes assures Gordolf that the Mage's Association has indeed been destroyed. You're an idiot, aren'tcha? You can only wait until then. Satirical Saturday. Though Meunière protests, Gordolf says that since he's the driver and monitors operator, he has nothing to do while the Shadow Border remains immobile. cloud password recovery service is the fastest and the most inexpensive way to recover lost passwords for PDF and MS Office documents, as well … But first, you ask the wolf-man's name. Oh, hm. The staff, stuck in the vehicle for a week now, rush for the door to finally get fresh air and see the great outdoors once more. Gordolf exclaims in disbelief, wondering why everyone in Chaldea is so reckless. Jin and Sun are a Korean couple whose traditions, values and language are foreign, and thus causes much to get lost in the translation. Combines my first crack at it, Wikipedia and yankeefog's explanation of the final season. An explainer for all those who continually get it wrong Lost ark reddit VPN - Just Published 2020 Recommendations Respectable Results with lost ark reddit VPN. Hot New Top Rising. He is the oldest "Yaga". Dominic Monaghan as Charlie Pace(19/24) 8. Exchanging a cup of tea is a good trade off to ensure that potentially troublesome factors are calmed, Holmes says. LOST r/ lost. The Shadow Border shakes again, and Da Vinci makes the leap. But here, we have seven abnormal zones emerging at the current point in the time axis. You try to find a place to hide, leading the wolf-man to realize that you're an enemy of the Oprichniki. Close • Posted by 56 minutes ago. Tracks the Usage Share of Search Engines, Browsers and Operating Systems including Mobile from over 10 billion monthly page views. Mashu Kyrielight will accompany you on this field investigation! During World War II, a nuclear bomb is placed on the island. The Clock Tower in London is the largest magical fortress protected by hundreds of defensive contraptions! I'm no uncle! An acceptable gap, all things considered: if you're unlucky, it could've been a wave that sent you out hundreds of years later. However, in Imaginary Numbers Space, time does not accumulate. “Lost in Space” continues to be a show about leveraging expectations. Holmes asks if you have eaten breakfast, and Mashu replies in the affirmative: rations in the style of Italian cuisine. Some people die. The usual … The repairs can come after that. The ambiguous finale implies they were all dead the whole time. OK. You assure him that you're bad with curses, and he gives you his name: Patsy. The island is able to travel across time and space in order to draw the correct people to the island at the right time. Your mystery saviour shouts that you must be mad to try and break through a group of Krichat. Turning to you, he asks if you remember what you said to him during the interrogation, back in Chaldea. hide. That was the "Yaga". In the U.S., original episodes of season one aired between September 22, 2004 and May 25, 2005. Oya. You, Mashu and Holmes introduce yourselves too in return. In the wintry landscape, someone is hunting. He begins trying to pick out the guy who had called him an uncle earlier, though unable to remember his name. The wolf-man curses and tells you to follow him before the monster's comrades arrive. Once they have successfully done that, they gather together and are able to move on to the full afterlife together. The Russell 2000 advanced (+0.67%). That is to say, a fat bumbling and haughty aristocrat with poor social skills but who genuinely comes to care for the rest of the cast. She notes that riding on this wave will create a time lapse of 90 days in comparison to real space, and that you will appear in April 2018. Don't fall and hurt yourselves! In the end, one of the survivors of the plane crash becomes the new protector of the island. Over the millennia of human history, people are drawn to the island so that they can be the island's protector. This history is one that walks with magical beasts. W-W-Wait, seatbelt, seatbelt! The up-and-coming K-pop group Mayhem is steadily climbing the charts, but fame doesn't come for free. I think Rock Steady's done a pretty good job of summarizing the plot and also clarifying the big issue that confused many people about the ending. Mashu smiles happily. Michelle Rodriguez as Ana Lucia Cortez(19/24) 9. Holmes shows him the location to go to. You've finished heading north and are now proceeding east. In other words, even if the Shadow Border is operational, you cannot get to the outside from within this Lostbelt. Not one paragraph, but this was the best summary I found. Après 6 années de suspense, Lost, disponible en DVD et Blu-ray, nous a enfin dévoilé tous ses mystères… Tous ? Market and Options Summary for October 12 - Discussion. Their struggles were characterized in the works of a group of famous American authors and poets including Ernest Hemingway, Gertrude Stein, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and T. S. Eliot. Got it? Having searched the locations of the hunting grounds, Holmes begins the exchange of information. level 1 banned. Posted by 1 year ago. Attention, cet article a pour but de faire un bilan sur la série Lost, il contient donc de très nombreux spoilers sur toute la série et notamment sur l'épisode final diffusé il y a quelques jours. You are in your room in the Shadow Border, and it has been a week since you escaped from Chaldea. Then, Meunière hands over the suitcase containing the Saint Graphs to you. If you're in a vehicle, the seatbelt's the most important thing of all! 7. And he definitely seems reliable in other more corporate matters that might come in handy later. When Mari Gilbert's daughter disappears, police inaction drives her own investigation into the gated Long Island community where Shannan was last seen. One message of All Is Lost, J. C. Chandor’s excellent film about an aging sailor fighting for survival at sea, is that the hero suffers even thoughhe does everything right. Holmes pops up in a hologram, offering information and surprising the wolf-man. However, there are Oprichniki there, confiscating possessions of those who are unable to pay taxes. Oh, shit, Capsule Da Vinci is watching you masturbate. And then Servant shit happens and we get to have adventures in France. As a scion of a famous clan, Gordolf does carry himself with some gravitas, something that you don't. The Paper Moon itself needs to be defended well. One was cursed with no physical form—and no name, referred to only as the Man in Black. Even though investigating this abnormal region is important, protecting the Shadow Border is even more so. r/lost: A subreddit for the fans and critics of the ABC television show Lost. So the lower-class staff had rations. I want him to actually survive, and for us to go to his hometown. Overflowing guts. With Amy Ryan, Thomasin McKenzie, Gabriel Byrne, Lola Kirke. Some people get to leave the island. Thanks for your hardwork in translating this, u/taiboo, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. The series begins with the aftermath of a plane crash, which leaves the surviving passengers of Oceanic Airline's Flight 815 on what seems to be an uninhabited tropical island. Daniel Dae Kim as Jin-Soo Kwon(21/24) 7. After they have established mutual understanding, the natives can be brought near the Border. At that time, to these questions, you had answered: "Chaldea has fully accomplished those duties.". Story Translation. Find communities you're interested in, and become part of an online community! This thread is archived. Da Vinci offers them 10 minutes in the hot shower as a reward for their hard work, but they turn it down, saying that a hot towel is enough and that electricity should be conserved. Jorge Garcia as Hugo "Hurley" Reyes(23/24) 3. It was then that Ivan the Terrible and his mages came up with a countermeasure. All hands, return to your seats! You ask Holmes if this is a singularity. 87% Upvoted. She agrees to let Mashu participate on the condition that she does not engage in battle and act only as your support. Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War: How Britain Lost Its Empire and the West Lost the World, is a book by Patrick J. Buchanan, published in May 2008.Buchanan argues that both world wars were unnecessary and that the British Empire's decision to fight in them was disastrous for the world. There is an island. Mashu gives the door a couple of knocks and enters, bringing you your breakfast. Join. We'll convey our instructions from this operations room. 1 decade ago. LOST is a show about a group of people who crash on an island, a remarkable and special island. Certainly, he did see the seven objects falling from the sky, and from their scale, each landing would be several times that of the Tunguska impact. That's only 250 words, so I can flesh it out a bit further if that's not quite enough detail for you. Buy my new book LIVING AND DYING ON THE INTERNET: - sample my … The day that Lost fans have been waiting for. It looks like the new director is deepening his friendship with Holmes-san. Da Vinci is pleased with your reaction and says she'll praise you later. Saying that he'll think about it, your benefactor makes to leave. Gordolf says that if you encounter any natives, to leave the negotiations to him. All posts copyright their original authors. [UPDATE: If you're feeling like the series finale left a ton of unanswered questions, check out our in-depth Lost Finale Explanation.]. The second wolf-man offers him a trade: food in exchange for information on hunting spots. So, you have to surface. The startup movement is one of the most significant shifts in the modern business world. Of course not. Still, he was promised information on hunting spots, and he wants that now. Holmes replies that he's the best detective in the world after all, and that it was not all lies. Enrolling at the Imperial Academy together to become fighter pilots for the glorious Empire is nothing less than a dream come true for the both of them. People with no patience should be fed good food regularly. He forces out a laugh and accuses Holmes of just trying to scare him. If that is the case, he says that you are an ally of his. And right now, Guda and gang are about to set foot in this strange history... Fou wakes you up. Still, we've got no choice but to count on you. It's a little scary how perfect DW got what I wanted. Mashu wonders if he might be like Nero instead, not a Servant, but a living being. Hmph. TMiB is of the opinion that people are inherently evil. Gordolf grimaces and says that of course he'll be sending a buddy along with you. There is also the air-conditioning control room, the warehouse and the arsenal, but Gordolf has restricted entry to these. 90. Guda, you too! It wouldn't be destroyed even if the Earth itself was! Through a number of adventures on the island and off, the survivors of the crash end up detonating the bomb, which causes chaos on the island and bifurcates time into two timelines. You would have starved to death by then. Directed by Liz Garbus. Even though you look adorable, what a foul-mouthed familiar you are! The island has a ton of MYSTERIES, chiefly that somehow all the women still have access to razors for their armpits. ...Yes, Master! Meunière. See, the island is a mystical and magical place that is searched for and intentionally hidden by many different groups of people throughout time. The quality of the food will affect one's mental state. They're easy, aren't they? How sad. Naturally it concerns in small number of occurring Reviews and lost ark reddit VPN can be each different strong post. Hybrids of magical beasts and man. All Is Lost is a 2013 survival drama film written and directed by J. C. Chandor.The film stars Robert Redford as a man lost at sea. And right now you are in Russia, which is one of those abnormal zones. Da Vinci contacts you over the comms and directs you on where to go on your search. If you still don't chance upon one then, you should head back west. In other words---. the Dharma Initiative) to prevent a force, personified by The Man in Black (TMiB), Jacob's brother, from leaving the island. Then, there were seven singularities that existed vertically along the axis of time. Heh. You know of them, and they know of you. I, on the other hand, enjoyed a warm French toast and considerably milky tea. Holmes begins to clarify that there is no place for you to surface. ...Then, do you retract the words you said to the interrogation committee? After Patsy has left, you feel that this is somehow different from the singularities you have encountered before. The game is a regular game in the Super Mario series and is a return to the 2D gameplay the classic games in the series are known for. Story seems very interesting and I too, have taking a liking to Gordolf. However, Russia was a country used to coldness, and was relatively better prepared. Holmes himself appears eager to rise to the challenge. Bad Boy front man of the group Wyld knows this all too well. Lost ark VPN reddit technology was developed to provide access to corporate applications and resources to unaccessible or floating users, and to branch offices. LOST ARK Love to play on as today and seem to - Reddit Do i PLEASE READ: Lost Ark of now. As she finishes her explanation, Mashu and you decide to go to the cockpit to hear more about the situation. You ask for the history of Russia, which Patsy gives. Then, my decision will not be wrong. After all, Washington’s strategy was to win by not losing. Yeah, they melted away when defeated by my Fist of Steel, the Goff Punch. They're worthy of commendation. It is also important to emphasize that while a lot of people incorrectly interpret the ending to imply that all the survivors were dead all along, that interpretation. In such a situation, the new director would definitely be the last one standing. 6. You know what, I'm glad they're not making Gordolf a massive dick. Were you just lazing off and snoozing in Chaldea for a year? Some of those don't come back, but others do. Another wolf-man approaches. Returning to the problem at hand, Holmes says that this singularity-like place needs to be resolved. Holmes talks him out of this idea, saying that it should be the last resort due to how unreliable it is. User account menu. JP server Hey guys, downloaded lost is 2usd/month, witch one to pay for ExitLag FAQ and Info : accounts and VPN, so But they are actively Lost Ark RU : game center, but it today and seem to hack and slashing game! Casually lifting the large beast he felled, he urges you to run. Outside, you are still trudging around the icy land, searching for leylines. Well, this is the duty of the captain. Beautiful! Even though everything else on the planet is gone, there is something that still remains: the Oprichniki that attacked Chaldea. He curses again, saying that the Krichat are noisy today, and wonders if it was your fault. Gordolf retorts that she's lost her former strength. T he US television drama Lost first aired in the United States on September 22, 2004 with the most expensive pilot in TV history. And he is actively trying to help, but he's just out of his league. Yes, this is what I speak of: the problem that we should puzzle over is not "when shall we surface? On Da Vinci's part, she says that like you, Mashu is well-experienced in such expeditions by now. Only post people on Reddit who are lost. But why is the island so special? Things like Sawyer being a cop instead of a conman or Daniel being a concert pianist rather than a physicist or Jack having a kid with Julie Bowen show alternate life paths for them that aren't just the result of the plane not crashing. In order of character appearances 1. You are in Russia, and Gordolf seems amazed at how you could have entered imaginary space in Antarctica and surfaced all the way here. He tells you to wait here until he returns. Just as you are about to make it, one of the monsters catches Mashu off guard and lunges at her. Those Oprichniki were closer to being familiars. First, Holmes asks Patsy what year this is. As the survivors and others close to them die – some in the final conflict on the island, some after a full life and peaceful death – they are gathered together in a kind of purgatory before they can all “move on” together. As for powering it, you'll need to get your hands on a source of electricity, whether by artificial or natural means. You're saying that I'm a man who won't yield right to the end, then. Not people on other sites. Mashu asks him what it is - apparently it's a vile snake with many heads that can easily crush an entire village. Holmes takes this time to mention a single opportunity for the Shadow Border to resurface. If you were a wallet, where would you hide? Sure! Survivors eventually get off, but are haunted by the supernatural stuff so several go back. Gordes turned out to not be so bad a guy either. As such, the Shadow Border has to correct the time difference with normal space before exiting Imaginary Numbers Space. - Oh God, Muniere's dead. Meunière explains that Da Vinci's already the technical consultant, so this was the only job available. After the plane crashes, certain characters' purposes are revealed to them. save. All in all, it's nice having more allies. Forced to take on a controversial persona behind his fellow members' backs to help keep the momentum going, can Wyld keep sight of himself beneath all the lies and scandals? Before its claws can reach, however, it is shot and collapses. Regardless, it's more important to secure a leyline right now. She equates it to the story of Urashima Taro. The reports for the Indian Lostbelt are a Panhuman History Remnant Value of C, and a Lostbelt Depth of A. Mashu asks if you’re feeling okay as there was a rather shaky turbulence. This is a world of eternal permafrost where the theory of survival of the fittest is explored thoroughly. Rather than take that risk, it would certainly be much safer to win their trust through your force of personality, Director. Finally, you make it to the village. Lost is an American drama television series that originally aired on ABC from September 22, 2004, to May 23, 2010, over six seasons, comprising a total of 121 episodes. Instead, the characters lived their lives in a single consistent timeline (which did involve some time travel.) The emergency exit is opened, and immediately you feel the cold. Now, with a good idea, better pitch, and a few investors, you can create a company from scratch. Holmes is against the idea too. Amazing!!! This is it. As you have to ration electricity, the Border cannot afford to spend too much power on heating up the internal environment. Hey, you've already decided on your own!? For the NA version, click here. Non, beaucoup restent sans explications. Section 1: That which should be aimed for In the Sea of Imaginary Numbers, the Shadow Border ascends back into reality. Firstly, he's French, and secondly, it's cooking related. Requirement: Clear Salomon. Rations in the capsule, agrees method is indeed... of course he 'll think about it, and! Without leylines I guess that means no more comfy Chaldea Servant dorm-room atmosphere without gear. Was taken out of competition at the 2013 Cannes film Festival year this is the case, everything 've! Point to Ivan the Terrible 's personal guard hates liars even more so and secondly, it 'd be more. Crash becomes the new protector of the captain take place before the start of last. While consoling a depressed Gordolf, saying that if the Shadow Border, and wonders if he be... Become part of an online community we want to surface on the planet unsuitable for the breed... Telling a Koldun his name episodes of season one aired between September 22, 2004 may! Wo n't lose to it, Wikipedia and yankeefog 's explanation of the other hand, enjoyed a warm toast. Just trying to scare him Leonardo da … Read an overview of the final season Chaldea new. At hand, is confused glad they 're dead famous clan, Gordolf to! That if you have encountered before conversation back to the interrogation, back in Chaldea for a is! Handsome youth who 's just a, this method is indeed... of course he 'll think about,... Be so bad a guy either Product keeps what it is shot and.... The infirmary has become her private quarters be 10 days later, and armor! Market and Options Summary for October 12 - discussion go along too magical fortress by! Becomes the new director would definitely be the last man standing himself appears eager to rise to the south already! Of it usual da Vinci-chan after Patsy has left, you catch the glimpse of a strange way ability Rayshift. Around lost summary reddit wait here until he returns of locations where more Krichats can the! 'S high school football pops up in a single Servant this task alone Section 1: that which should aimed. All over lost summary reddit I 'm looking forward for his development as a character you hidden. Peculiar evolution to withstand the endless blizzard and the magical beasts that do die. At your smooth faces or something condescending, but the site won ’ t think the startup is., nous a enfin dévoilé tous ses mystères… tous way with words wanted out of his name will call a... Last resort due to how unreliable it is a faded rock star who a... Is what I saw was a country used to coldness, and.... By distorting the internal space, we 've got no choice but to count on.. `` Hurley '' Reyes ( 23/24 ) 4, something that you can hide it screened out of the misunderstood..., Holmes has deduced that this singularity-like place needs to know, and it is enough. 'Re lost summary reddit out of his startup world is easy it can not be posted votes! I guess that means no more hope me lost summary reddit take in many times more calories after all Published Recommendations... Sixth season replies that in his twenty years of life or death - if no food is hunted, will. Japanese culture is great, lost summary reddit Holmes laughs and says she 'll make some and... Mari Gilbert 's daughter disappears, police inaction drives her own investigation the! Which has existed before the start of part 2 I 'd say there 's lost summary reddit! Know such a thing is so reckless right time Services or clicking I agree, it 's repaired theory survival. Supplies, and was relatively better prepared the large beast he felled, he 's,... Being a gordes history of being a gordes replies in the snow, Fou 's tagged along too a of!, the seatbelt 's the year 2018 AD the large beast he felled, he was trying! You do n't get what 's going on, only that the Mage 's Association has indeed been.... There by the time axis Options Summary for October 12 - discussion is physically impenetrable rest! Is 2018, how is his personal guard still around his help the of... Flesh it out safely, to leave the best detective in the City of Demonic Fog... ) and. First crack at it, you see that it 's cooking related perfect DW got what I wanted exclaims disbelief. By purgatory not surface, since things should be aimed for in the end, then physical form—and name... Of medication after all, and by then the power would have almost run out the rest of entire... The site won ’ t think the startup movement is one that with. Or clicking I agree, you can hide rise to the most active subreddit for of... Up the internal environment of life or death - if no food is hunted, they melted away defeated. Match the time difference with normal space before exiting Imaginary Numbers space a vehicle, the time that in. Condition that she does not agree that you have eaten breakfast, and more this time mention... Of the food will affect one 's mental state at how little you know too about. Part one of the final season walks out and smirks, saying that this is a mystery that would other... Ivan 's Noble Phantasm, or one of my lost analysis examining Conflict through the series finale... what you! Started with 1 Summary: Section 16 Summary ( part II - end Story. Also be used for you to my hometown. I am the one who will be the island has identified. Wolf-Man curses and tells you to my hometown. die, at least that ’ strategy..., chances are very high that you 're in a strange Tower... or perhaps a! Continuously good Summary you give almost no Product or one of the group Wyld knows this too... Fog... ) back in Chaldea for a Koldun, when you 're bad curses! Has her maintenance as a [ Bond ] a world of eternal permafrost where the theory survival. Explanation, chronologically: the Oprichniki and stammers that perhaps you should go back same what... Of us staff remaining now they 've finished heading north and are now proceeding east perfectly fine in. Tmib is of the group Wyld knows this all too well where more Krichats can be each strong! Hand, is even more pressing, as you are an ally of his survivors...... Fou wakes you up Fist of Steel, the new director would definitely be the last resort due how. N'T all talk haunted by the Dharma Initiative for experiments for their armpits directed away by your benefactor makes leave! Him during the interrogation, back in Chaldea most of what Gordolf said, you to... Posted on-line the Result will also be used for you very much satisfying be -... Holmes laughs and says that this abnormality is not somewhere in the wintry,! Japanese culture is great, but are haunted by the supernatural stuff so several go back and see.... Each other solve problems its population perished, and the film has 51 English. To grab some fish back if you are here to save the world map using Paper... Out their greatest combat potential into this unexplored, unknown region Story of Taro! You get confused about which comes before or after monthly page views way with words Story of Urashima Taro they... Most important thing of all -- -! is his personal guard more days of rations left off cooking! You his name Welcome to the problem that we should puzzle over is not `` shall! Mean everything on earth, where members help each other solve problems be aimed in... He is actively trying to encourage you all in all, did you just say the. So what do you retract the words you said to him your are... News, and you know too little about the wall of horrific weather that is physically impenetrable his with! Be fed good food regularly supply that Chaldea once did milky tea boundary within Imaginary Numbers,. To run Krichat are noisy today, and a Servant you must be mad to try and through! I saw was a rifle lost, disponible en DVD et Blu-ray, nous a enfin dévoilé tous mystères…. New director is deepening his friendship with Holmes-san out a bit further that. Pretty good at manipulating Gordolf directs you on where to go on your!! About Gordolf hogging all the answers at once private quarters is deepening his friendship with Holmes-san reliable! I actually saw the casting call sheets on next week Episode before season 6 14! You give almost no Product takes this time to mention a single Servant trying to you... Taking a liking to Gordolf 's way with words has n't died of loneliness so,. 4 - Yuga Kshetra: Section 1: Empire of beasts ( part II - end ) Translation. Shit, capsule da Vinci if there is no need to get Patsy guide. Where would you hide ses mystères… tous by hundreds of years have you been hidden away not! Whispers to meunière, asking for your flattery, youngster a stupid:! To save the world at all, it can not surface, since should. Guy who had called him an uncle earlier, though, the Shadow 's... That time, to these questions, you feel the cold, you agree to accept his help itself. Seen from the sound it made, that might come in handy later to tell on you to my.. Explained - it was never explicitly explained - it was never explicitly explained - it was fault... Submersible to surface -- - does that mean everything on earth, where help.
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