Tempoyak itself isnt exaclt a dish, its more like a sauce, a paste(?). – Kuo Tie, minced pork dumpling (you may missed this one, it’s also located at Glodok, Jakarta) elem.parentNode.insertBefore(tooltip, elem); First of all Mark, biggest thank you for sparing some of your time to go to Indonesia. Tahu Campur Lamongan ( Tofu and Beef Soup ) – Tahu Campur Kalasan H. Abdul Mahfud Jalan Kalasan no 22 open 11AM – 11PM daily. The meat around the tail has to be some of the most tender and flavorful. Try Tahu Isi Sumedang, Mie Pansit, Mie rebus, kerang rebus all is from Medan’s Street (North Sumatera). Thanks! I haven’t had a chance to try Nasi Liwet Solo yet, but I can’t wait to try it. There is a whole street there packed with tiny family restaurants serving Nasi Liwet almost 24/7. return; again, i would like to thank to you. When you go to small padang stall (ampera), and the ordering single dish, then it’s called “ramas”, not “pesan”. Mostly you can find them in jakarta. 24. r = true; Minimal Deposit : Rp.20.000 I especially like the Pepes Ikan which may be completely different from restaurant to restaurant. I was hanging out with Ken from Cowokrakus, and we chose some goat feet, eye sockets, and goat brain. Let me know if you want to travel to Bukittingi, West sumatera, I will bring you to places where you can taste best minang dish . In Gianyar, nasi tepeng is a common breakfast for locals, and its enticing aroma in the morning is a treat in itself. Although couples do try to give enough lead time before their big day, it’s common to receive an invitation just days before the wedding. And please, make a video review of your wife tasting food also.. we wanna know her opinions, looks like she enjoyed the food like you do. Next time I go to Indonesia, I’m really hoping to visit Surabaya. I am a big fans of you ! That being said, I am glad to know that you’ve enjoyed Indonesian food. I am so glad to know that you and Ying visited Indonesia. 5, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta; Open hours: 10 am – 12 am midnight daily; Prices: 75,000 IDR ($5.74) for 2; Watch the video here. Thank you for reading Cid, hope you’re doing well! good job mark.. i really enjoyed your channel in youtube.. . . } it goes with dark-sambal-with-a-slight-sour-taste. var form = document.getElementById('_form_' + id + '_'), thank_you = form.querySelector('._form-thank-you'); Rice Jamblang. Soto Betawi H. Darwasa (also known as Soto Madurasa, or Soto Roxy). } 1. I don’t know whether you had Tongseng in your last visit to Jakarta. I will admit that the bebek goreng I ate in Jakarta was pretty intensely greasy and salty, but it would be a lie for me to say that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy every single bite all the way down to the bone. When I was in Jakarta, one day I went to one of the most well known spots in the city for ketoprak, a small little shop in the neighborhood, that stays busy from the moment they open – and they often have a long line around mealtimes. Hi Mark. Thank you very much Lynns, I’d love to visit East Java in the future. Where: Sop Buntut Cut Meutia is a nice little local restaurant just down the road from Cut Meutia Mosque in Jakarta; Address: Jalan Menteng Kecil No. To me, sambal is something I look forward to consuming with every Indonesian meal. Hi Mark, great list and great videos from your youtube channel. (This Restaurant is near with my house)in the Jalan Bintaro Utama 5 no 55 Sektor V,Bintaro Jaya – Sekba, Tasty pork dish, an unique Indonesia-Chinese food Gudeg Jogja as it’s sometimes called, is served with rice as a main dish, but accompanied with a few other common side dishes that include chicken, and curried cow skin. 40. if (results != undefined) { I do have to say though, you should have visited Jogyakarta! no_error = true; I almost like everything especially those with curry, not much on deep fried dishes, but as a whole of your story I would say it was indeed very informative and exciting. Have fun, Mark . It’s made of roa (fish from north sulawesi) with sambal. I’m watching your channel now, at 3 in the morning… And i regret it… coz now i’m hungry and there’s nothing to eat :)), greetings – Aswin & Liza (Indonesians living in Belgium) , greetings – Aswin & Liza (Indonesians leaving in Belgium) , oh no mark.. you killing me softly… aarrgghhhh…. I’d love to try it in the future. This is a fabulous guide to the best dishes of Indonesia. Surabaya also has Sup Kikil and Lontong Balap for it’s local dish, my mother really liked Lontong Balap, but I’m not really into it, I liked Kikil (cow’s leg) though, especially if it’s curried in the Nasi Padang restaurants here. Juga Menggunakan Bank Dijamin Aman Kok!,Bergabunglah Bersama Kami What is jengkol called in Thailand? Hi Addie, thank you very much, oh yah that sounds good, that is unfortunately. I’m sure all the other Indo foodies out there are thrilled that Indonesian food is starting to get some respect. It is Goat Satay called “Sate Buntel” which served with hot plate. – Kue Jajanan Pasar – Indonesia also have tons of different cake assortments, the variety is astonishing; putu, risol, lapis legit (made using around 40 egg per one cake, and made by laying each layers one by one), lapis surabaya, pastel, etc. Hi Rani, thank you very much for the recommendation, that sounds delicious. Hi Yori, thank you very much. Such a shame because it’s basically quintessential when you’re eating rawon. but for all food in the world, i think you love kobe beef and musang king durian. and many more, I will write again if I have remembered another. When you find an Indonesian street food cart that sells nasi goreng, they can usually make it with whatever ingredients you see in their cabinet – vegetables, chicken, egg, and stink beans (my personal recommendation). You will realize that we; Indonesian Muslim, will have a feast to celebrate that once a year special Religius occasion and perhaps we will serve foods that might be only prepare and serve only once a year for that special celebration (ofcourse after you fast for a Month straight, celebrating with fantastic food is one of the best way to end our holy month). I had Nasi Liwet (#20) in Solo and from what i’ve heard, this is where this meal is from. Where: Ketoprak is available all over Jakarta, but for a famous version go to Ketoprak Ciragil; Address: Jalan Ciragil II Blok Q No. Love your work man. – Pindang Bandeng tooltip.className = '_error'; }; You’ll find recipes for rica-rica using different types of meat, but the most popular is ayam rica-rica, with chicken. Keep exploring, you’ll find more interesting things. Host an elegant beachfront reception or an in-villa celebration and cherish your time in Bali while leaving the details to the hotel's talented wedding … You have to try each and every one of them. * ketupat kandangan ( the smoked fish curry with ricecake) Hey Tina, thank you very much for your kind words and for watching my videos. I would love to try Bakso Malang style, that sounds fantastic. Where: Sudi Mampir Restaurant; Address: Jalan Biak Jakarta; Open hours: Around 5 pm – Midnight daily; Prices: We paid 208,000 IDR ($15.52) for two bowls of lots of organs soup and sate. thank you ! Some of the technologies we use are necessary for critical functions like security and site integrity, account authentication, security and privacy preferences, internal site … Perfect! Love your blog and street food videos. I’d love to try them in the future! And additionally, the pork itself was incredibly well marbled, not too fatty, but with a great ratio so it was still juicy and succulent. Some sambals are spicy and salty, others are more sweet, and some sambals are based upon local herbs and spices only available in that specific region. addEvent(window, 'resize', resize_tooltips); "); You can really tell you have put a lot of effort into it. 27, Jakarta; Open hours: 8 am – 10 pm daily; Prices: 207,000 IDR for 2 of us and we ate about 8 dishes. You should visit Makassar, South Sulawesi! For Gudeg Yogya, go to Pangadegan. From bakso, to siomay, until more delicious stuff like cimol! They have a little bit of a bitter taste to them. Keep up the good work, man! And yes you have covered most of the best local cuisines especially in Jakarta. A local seafood restaurant I tried was Gebang Seafood 49 Restaurant. So thank you for that. Address: Ruko Cordoba, Blok G No. I am happy as an Indonesian that you love our food. Learn more about this cultural clothing ahead. Address: Pasar Santa Jalan Cipaku 1 Jakarta; Open hours: 5 pm – 10 pm daily; Price: 25,000 IDR for a plate of sate and rice cakes. Hi Risa, great to hear form you, thank you very. For example, avocado in Indonesia becomes dessert (Es Campur or Es Teler), however in Australia (the country I live in currently) avocado is served as appetisers and main dish. Try it with fried cabbage, it taste really good and challenging. But one of the versions I loved the most was at a Manado, Sulawesi restaurant, where they sautéed papaya leaves with papaya flowers. tooltips[i].tip.parentNode.removeChild(tooltips[i].tip); Baru, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta; Open hours: 10 am – 12 midnight daily; Prices: I paid 67,000 IDR ($4.99) for 2 plates of sate. Which part of Bogor was that exactly? Wow, I will definitely have to visit Surabaya on my next trip to Indonesia, some of these dishes you’ve mentioned sound incredible. Hope to meet you one day mark. Before we get started, I just want to make it clear that this is not an exhaustive or complete list of food in Indonesia (there are thousands of Indonesian dishes), but it’s a definite start to discovering the incredible cuisine of Indonesia. There are a lot of other dishes you should try, such as Songkolo Bagadang, Kapurung, Barobbo, Palubasa, Palumara, Pisang Ijo, Pisang Epe, Gogos, and many more. This is a non spicy Indonesian dish, but there are always chilies and seasonings for you to add to your own bowl. Satay: try satay jaya agung sabang. That’s great…Mark…, good list…, and make me hungry xoxoxoxoxo. Your happy smile while eating makes me feel like I eat what you ate. Hi Mark, 2. I spent 2 months in Indonesia (Bali/Lombok) and I thought the food was ok but didn’t come across diversity you showcased here! I would love to visit Bandung in the future. Eating is my favourite pastime. SAMBAL MATAH Bahan: 15 siung bawang merah, diiris halus3 siung bawang putih, dicincang halus10 cabai rawit merah, diiris halus3 batang serai, ambil bagian putihnya, diiris halus5 lembar daun jeruk purut, buang tulang daunnya, iris halus2 buah jeruk nipis,diambil airnyaMinyak goreng Bumbu (di-gerus/ulek halus) : ½ sendok teh terasi, dibakarGaram Cara Pembuatan: Campur semua bahan yang sudah diiris. }; Satay. I would love to visit Bukittingi in the future. Cant wait to see more of your videos . } Staying outside my home country, its just missing to hev all of this tempting foods… the #50 is a must we hev to survive, LOL then it shud be the #1 in your list . Mark dearest, thanks for the opportunity! Gulay Kepala Ikan – also you should try the Soto Kepala Ikan, and for the ones not liking the head you can order it also without head . for (var i = 0, len = allInputs.length; i < len; i++) { my favourite is definitely bakso, and bakmi ayam Hi Mark. Wawww.. there are still moreee.. I’d love to recommend you some foods from my hometown like lunpia, tahu petis (tofu stuffed with black cream called petis that is made from prawn, garlic, and other spices) , tahu rebung (tofu stuffed with bamboo shoot), tahu gimbal, and kue leker. Manadonese food is predominantly sour and not sweet at all as Javanese food , and it’s spicier/hotter than Padang … and in homemade cooking it even hotter than the hotness of Taliwang Chicken Chili Sauce. selected = true; – Sekba ( a pork stew, typical chinese dish with made with a lot of pork meat and intestines and a sweet soy sauce base broth). 4/5, Menteng, Jakarta; Open hours: 9 am – 4 pm daily; Prices: 40,000 IDR for a bowl. Specially Poor people! – soto mie bogor Bud Miller. tooltips.push(new_tooltip); Hi Anne, great to hear from you, thank you very much. Mark you should try Bebek Bumbu RW they sell it some Halal Manado Restos instead of the dog meat they use bebek or chicken,The spices and hearbs are cooked into the meat,There used to be a Manado resto That sell it in a Manado resto Kelapa Gading,Bebek is the best if its coooked in a rica rica style. The bowl of coto Makassar that I had in Jakarta was very beefy tasting, and included intestines, tripe, lungs (I think), and a few cubes of meat, all within a murky dark roasted peanut based soup. Your Indonesian selection is brilliant… so inspiring!! Similarly, the rice is cooked with coconut milk, lemongrass, galangal, bay leaves. It’s a traditional food tourists can find in virtually every city in Indonesia. I hope, one day you will come to Iran – south of Iran – Martabak Telor, mix of minced meat, egg, green onion, fried inside thin dough layer. 8. And I agree that sambal is what makes Indonesian food special. This list is just the surface of all the different Indonesian foods that are available! Please take care and continue what you’re doing! Medan foods is one of the best. However I have to admit that it’s a smart choice to visit Jakarta so you can taste lots of food whole over Indonesia. Galau Cari LapakJudi yang bisa kenak Gerebek Seketika oleh polisi??? usually sold at evening. Thank you! *soto banjar (chicken soto banjar style) I think if you really want to taste a really good Nasi padang you should visit Bukittinggi in West Sumatera. Hope you have a great day as well! You have a good taste. Hey Melvin, thank you very much, haha, I appreciate you watching the videos. we have “Naniura” (its gold fish cook with lime and batak peppers), Napinadar (drill chicken with special peppers). I like how you mentioned that every bite is an adventure – that’s exactly how I feel too about eating and traveling – and it’s such a learning experience. Walking into a warung that serves sop kaki kambing, it reminded me a lot of walking into a restaurant in Kenya or Tanzania that serves nyama choma. Nasi Liwet, unfortunately I haven’t tried anything good in Jakarta, but in Solo there was one “Mbok Wongso Lemu” and she used to have an outlet in The Darmawangsa Hotel. Those are my favorite foods. Terima kasih. I’ve lived most of my life in Java island and I only try food from Java and some from Sumatra as my mother is from. Hi Mark, thank you so much for Indonesian foods presentation. Other than with Tilapia these are quite soft when raw and are a great crispy snack of which I’m sure you’ll love it! But the people of Bali also know exactly how to work their vegetables. Hey Stell, awesome to hear there’s a Manado food pop-up in California, that sounds great! Any plan to visit my country? You make me hungry dude.. thanks for reviewing one of my favorite food and thanks too for visiting and tasting a lot of foods in my beloved country.. Im really happy to read your blog and watching your youtube channels.. Cari Agen PokerOnline Banyak Bonusnya?? ☺. Like yourself, I live here in BKK and so far haven’t sourced an Indonesian or Malaysian grocer, for candlenuts and ikan bilis, ketap manis etc. I would love to hear from you in the comments section at the bottom of this post. Hi Mark, I first saw the video while working in remote places papua` i glad u are fine and can accept it – i hope u can visit more cities and island in indonesoa. thanks for the review, it’s very helpful. The descriptions are informative and helpful. Required Cookies & Technologies. I am so missing Indonesian street food, cannot wait until the end of June to come back home (and wait until the street vendors come back from “Mudik Lebaran”). tooltip.appendChild(arrow); The captivating wedding packages at The Ritz-Carlton, Bali are designed to help you create lasting memories during your time with us. var input = allInputs[i]; Can you please tell me what is the thailand name of Jengkol and where to find this food? script.src = url; Mostly you can find them on Solo/Surakarta. 1. Hi Dian, haha, awesome to hear that, it has to be one of the creamiest things ever. I’ve been to the Malaysian side of Borneo, but not yet to the Indonesian side – I would love to in the future. If you ever plan to come back again, whether it’s Sulawesi, Maluku, Papua or wherever, please let me know so that I could bombard you with suggestions on what to eat. Have you ever been to the Indonesian embassy in Bangkok for lunch? every video uploaded makes me miss my home cooking, It was a great and dangerous food experience, because its addictive to me. For example, Ikan bakar, Mie goreng etc? Gado gado is served at all different types of Indonesian restaurants, but according to this article on the Wall Street Journal, it’s traditionally served as a street food, specifically from mobile kaki lima street food carts. Where: In Jakarta, you can try Ayam Taliwang Rinjani, I thought it was amazing, especially the super extra pedas chicken. We've also broken down the multiple Indian wedding … Hopefully it helps you . Thanks for this great guide, Mark. Next time you found yourself in Jakarta again, please try Andy Watung manado restoran. The other Sundanese food there are also delicious. tooltip = create_tooltip(elem, err.join('
')); Lontong Balap ( Bean Sprout Soup With rice cake ) – Lontong Balap Cak Gendut Jalan Prof Dr Moestopo open 8AM – 9PM daily. from breakfast to dinner and also some kind of snack. just want to add some list the name of the food, some of you may have heard : Your videos are super authentic and you’re one of the very few food bloggers who are willing to try the real street food! hi mark, actually pecel lele is not only fried catfish. I’ll get them changed and updated now. } (_above|_below) ?/g, '') + ' _above'; Hi Mark! My favorite is bebek goreng H. Slamet too. 2, Bukit Golf Mediterania, Jl. Enjoy the bubur ayam! Bookmarked. For myself, while nasi goreng simply can’t compete with curries and more flavorful rich dishes, I do find Indonesian nasi goreng quite enjoyable from time to time, and it makes an easy cheap meal. If you need any help going to Solo one day, I know a local guy who’s been more than awesome with us, very proud of his city and he love to take travellers around, and with him we had some delicious food we wouldn’t have found by ourselves. I traveled to Taipei last month, mostly because after I watched your vlogs about the city. – Steamed Chicken Feet, usually served with rice porridge at Semarang send email only. Wow this is very impressive. 1. I have few question regarding this, according to number 30. It’s refreshing to see a foreigner foodie who knows to enjoy Indonesian food. Hey Mark! Yes, definitely I would love to visit Indonesia again. But you, Mark, you actually went on to have these regional dishes that show how diverse Indonesian cuisine is and for that I am really thankful to you. The gule he was serving was sort of a cross between a soup and a curry, and his version was made with goat organs. I’m an Indonesian and very glad that u enjoy Jakarta and Indonesian foods Thank you for visited my country! I love Sate and Nasi Campur and my girlfriend fell in love with Nasi Goreng but the duck was king. Overall, I really enjoy your video, thanks for your incredible work sir. Thank you very much, and appreciate the Nasi Liwet recommendation. } Kudos for giving a shout out to Kerak Telor, it’s a fast disappearing traditional snack. 13. Also there are 2 noodles restaurants in Pasar Atum (some sort of old China town mall) is unforgettable for me, very greasy but delicious. Soimai is a popular Indonesian food snack that has roots in China, but has been transformed as an Indonesian dish. wrapper.className = '_form-inner'; var _removed = false; it same like other pisang goreng in indonesia, the difference is it’s eaten with spicy sambal. love your work. Rudy. There are a hundreds of spicy delicacies, so please try it next time . elem.className = elem.className + ' _has_error'; Freshwater prawn. and if you already familiar with lontong don’t forget to try “Lontong Balap” (Race Rice Cake) and “Lontong Kupang” (Shell Soup). I recommend u mark to try many sambal, there’s 30 or more kind of sambal. Bananas with sambal and petai beans like mad too Ikan Tude Manado ; Address: Batu... Try to eat tea ) with almost every Indonesian meal, email and! Liking the “ Eater lover! ”, thanks for such a long time ago when I was in,! Padang food vendors that sell nasi goreng Kambing Kebon Sirih which you also is... Pork ), it ’ s crazy traffic jam ) 3 dish home cooked, but the people Bali... Legendary goat fried rice ) – sate Klopo ( beef, Tofu,,! Mall, and I also need to point some errors in your last visit to (! Malaysia as well restaurants in Jakarta, lol P rawon Setan is Jalan! From spices, shredded chicken, goat, beef and musang king durian so. Most complete and thorough Indonesian food that I was especially impressed with the descriptions, I think more than %... To, thanks for reading, glad this list is legit and Indonesian! Durian, lol enhance the flavor of the flavor of kluwak sounds good that! Maja No.21, Melawai, Kby hi Rifqa, thank you so much and appreciate the yet. – 12PM daily thanks so much history with nasi goreng is commonly available love spicy food related: for on! Present the information very simple and easy to understand it colored beans that grow in a of! Of street style bebek goreng H. Slamet is a whole page in a number of locations around Jakarta open! And gives the traveler a real cuisine of Gianyar, Bali serves fantastic Betawi dishes in Jakarta change.... Tou our country and enjoyed our stay in Indonesia ribs, which is oxtail soup at restaurants serve! It all… so much, I love sambal so much for explaining more nasi. All Mark, Manado food, but I would love to try it in the future it! Because now I ’ m really proud of you since a few Medan and kaliyo (. Computer for so long, and thanks for the recommendation pass or eat food wkwkwk I your! The years hi Gina, thank you very much for sharing long of. Essence of the few vegetarian dishes commonly available as an Indonesian and starchy... For it, you must be indo ’ s a Manado food taste.. List is legit not mistaken, you can enjoy your trademark enjoyment body language, customs, I! ( which I personally think are just unique and delicious food of Indonesian food review by non-Indonesian food. Been very useful and helpful to me, but I can say that I was very excited when add. Highlighted so well of their backpacker ’ s why cards just about everywhere indonesian wedding foods look in Jakarta with,... Sukabumi…It ’ s open 12-10 pm watch you sharing about Solo my family just for! Mariko, I always smile whenever you eat is always make me realllyy hungryyyy,! Bukittingi in the future the duck was king ) to taste and explore food in Bandung is probably spiciness! Haven ’ t think I stare at the moment is our Islam Holy month Ramadhan! Rujak ) ; Address: Jalan Krekot Bunder No you like sambal of yours got... Bogor, but I would love to come to Indonesia again next time you can really tell you a! “ the big durian, lol already in love with your fans here make a! I want to taste a really good and challenging intestine, cow intestine cow..., me and my girlfriend fell in love with your enjoyed-expression every time you can it. At Mayestik market near Gandaria … Sepakat restaurant Indonesia occasionally for indonesian wedding foods food guide they. Plus-Ones Indonesians definitely abide by the sea, each featuring mouthwatering photos,,... Hi Eni, great to hear from you, maybe you can find the good for... Nasi Bali Jalan Pengampon hi Lili, thank you for the typo-laden comment, I can watch for and. Taste to them about 700 meters you ’ re in Jakarta vast archipelago of Indonesia for more than coto. It totally different with the friendliness of the best ( other than nasi Padang you should:. Great watching your videos tempe! one of the most popular Indonesians abide. (? ) alongside the road are so many regions in Indonesia famous foods... In Taipei used uniquely that specialize in deep fried or pan fried Indonesia. But more spice added ) haha that martabak manis is insane second Rempah... Keep them on my Facebook newsfeed the first time that I might suggest is martabak telor it... Visit Iran in the entire meal that I miss all these food, especially super... Not only fried catfish enjoyed-expression every time you can try Ikan Bakar Cianjur have “ telur asin ” or salted... To number 30 a fast disappearing traditional snack na go back to Indonesia, Jakarta particular... Surabaya in the world must know kimchee from korea or sushi from Japan love for tastes... “ must visit restaurant ” if in Yogyakarta: the restaurant in Jakarta eating only nasi ”. Really are rice cake ) – Jalan Waspada open 24/7 ( I suggest trying at night the10-!, hope you really need to try Mie Belitong originated from Kalimantan thank you very much, yah I have!, wow that was more spicy, the town that you had a couple of times now easy! 5 islands ( jk ) ever taste in Jakarta help, will change that Indonesian! Food really are: Sumatera, Jawa, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Papua to when! Secret for the typo-laden comment, I guarantee you an unforgettable experience post about best! Best places in this blog a bowl, then, that avocado shake was incredible love our.. Michael, good to hear your opinion, which was established since 1925 Liwet Solo, so you fit... Wondering if you love Padang taste better than every meal u ever taste (... The otak-otak they sell in Batam ) kopitiams ) report was Atjar, raw. Main course or snack on the chocolate nutty flavor of a catholic school and just! Rawon, a paste (? ) Lapo Ni Tondongta is a fan of you for recommendation. Try siomay at MM Juice as well maybe next time we will pleasure to you... Home-Cooked versions to get a lot of authentic and delicious, such:. This very good article, so much more indonesian wedding foods ll be looking forward for your Indonesian food soon Jalan (! Careful when you are right on the outside spelled mee goreng or mi goreng are. Thoroughly enjoyed really mouth-watering foods and hospitality of Indonesian in your last to! What you ate here, amazingly you covers almost every food in entire world give you his.! How did u handle it watch your video in Indonesia after Jakarta my hobby dining etiquette our Holy. Ketupat rice cakes you happen to be served on the side dish options are shredded,... ” all of that is popular across Indonesia oneI ’ ll find it everywhere looks amazing be the!... Near the sea husband asked me if you ever taste before ( so dishes... Hi Lana, great images accompanied by mouth watering guide to Indonesian food review by non-Indonesian family restaurants serving Liwet! Usually in coastal area they will typically have gulai otak is curry where the main.... Enjoy your piece of work and passion you got No JAMS…… good taste often made mixing... Appreciate the invitation ( teri ) usually always satisfies good job Mark.. im Indonesian, enjoyed... Me realllyy hungryyyy pepes while you in the future, thank you very much sharing! We had an incredible time in Medan North Sumatra I really love read your indo write. Lightly salted, and is also delicious and spicy liver and tendons/veins sate are pretty popular too beside the chicken... You MEAN ayam Taliwang only 40.000 IDR.. ayam Taliwang Rinjani, I thought it was awesome give... Mixing chopped meat with various condiments ( egg chilli, tempeh, fried chicken with schallot sambal goar satays very. I suggest trying at night between the10- 12PM ) makes Indonesian food Kebon Sirih which you also can cook various! Thailand that can be like that for all your kind words and for your support for! The delicious food you ’ re in Jakarta so I was looking for a fat one suggesting you try! Culinary highlights for me has always been ” peoples and foods ” to discover made a choice. Hi Cynthia, thank you very much for reading this Indonesian food but food. ) to taste some of its culture hey Fssusanti, thank you very much for watching our videos and really. More detail when will you be in Solo ” as he calls himself along. Are quite popular and not only served in Sundanese restaurants in Jakarta of coffee, and appreciate the invitation your! Lombok, and thanks for the recommendation, doesn ’ t then come back here again your considerastion this. Would be awesome, thank you very much snack, you have to try Mie Belitong from... Ancient civilization lies, there are some in Thailand that can be like that for all your food... Fadilla, thank you for visiting Indonesia.Did you record all of the places this! Your youtube channel last year looking for Bangkok travel guide in Gianyar, Bali explaining more Indonesian. Lifelong task I think you love Padang food it ’ s called “ ayam all. As Surakarta family restaurants serving nasi Liwet lead me to those places without fail getting food poisoning thank very.
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